The big 5 or maybe 6

  james55 01:21 12 Dec 2003

You guys are the best in this forum without a doubt. You must remember you have an obligation to people who are not up to your speed. I am an old guy and have been into computers since the spectrum zx days and as a result can take your little tasks against each other with a pinch of salt. Newer people to the world of computers will hang on to every word you say and only speaking for myself I would not like that responsibility.

  Forum Editor 11:35 14 Dec 2003

There's no hope for you.

  Stuartli 17:02 14 Dec 2003

When you are very old, deaf and can barely see across the room you tend to get a little confused...:-)

  james55 23:40 14 Dec 2003


I agree with you fully, never mind if it was five or six, having seen all these replies I understand what you are saying and please everybody keep up the banter.

I made a big mistake I should have said the Big 1 or maybe 125,654.

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