The big 5 or maybe 6

  james55 01:21 12 Dec 2003

You guys are the best in this forum without a doubt. You must remember you have an obligation to people who are not up to your speed. I am an old guy and have been into computers since the spectrum zx days and as a result can take your little tasks against each other with a pinch of salt. Newer people to the world of computers will hang on to every word you say and only speaking for myself I would not like that responsibility.

  [DELETED] 01:34 12 Dec 2003

The forum is populated by fellow computer users, and if you act upon any advice you are given in the forum threads you do so entirely at your own risk. The opinions expressed by registered forum users and the Forum Editor are not necessarily those of IDG Communications Ltd., and the company will not be liable for the consequences of following advice given in this forum by other registered users. You are advised to back up critical data files before making any changes to software or hardware configurations, and to consider seeking professional advice before taking legal action in respect of recommendations made by forum users in the Consumerwatch forum.

I don't quite understand your purpose James, but perhaps it is appropriate to remind users that advice is offered in good faith, and may sometimes be bad advice. I hope the big five or six usually get it right. If you have a specific point to make would it not be better to make it, rather than making negative insinuating remarks.

  [DELETED] 01:39 12 Dec 2003


the zx spectrum, i aint said that in years...
ive got 3 or 4 of them in my to an old BBC computer and an amiga. might have to connect me ol' spectrum up, just to see it in action again. Have a quick game of the old games..

and to think how patiently I would wait, whilst a game loaded up...and those funny noises and load up screens...

Ive broken a Playstation b4 because it would take to load!!!lol

  james55 01:58 12 Dec 2003


I am not making any insinuating remarks, I am just pointing out that we who know about computers will take innocent remarks as, what can I say, well innocent remarks. I do not want to name anyone as he is one of my favourites,

I tried to make a case for the defence of firewalls but suddenly, I couldn't find the thread.

If this is offensive to your forum tell me and I will leave.

However I will still by the magazine, as it is the best.

  james55 02:06 12 Dec 2003


My loft also, thank god for a sane person, oops maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that word.

I love this forum and it hasn't been an easy start for me but it is up to you.

  [DELETED] 03:12 12 Dec 2003


im no PC techie, but have gained valuable info here. Its good for both pro's and newbies alike. Nobody is a master with PC's (thats why even microsft have to update and has security flaws galore!), but with everyone who posts put together, well this site does become a valuable help resource, kinda like a good first aid tool.

Hats off to those that help, and to those that feel the need to ask for help. If you post any question on loads of forums, you would get loads of different opinions and solutions to that pc problem. In that sense, I see what ure saying.

But, its also good to know that the Spectrum still lives on...and im not the only one with it sitting in my loft..

as for me being sane, well thats another matter.



  [DELETED] 06:43 12 Dec 2003

James, it is not my forum. I'm a regular visitor here, and not a computer professional, just a fairly experienced user of PCs.

The thread titled "I'm going to run my PC without a firewall" seems to have disappeared. That is the second time that a thread has been pulled. It never used to happen before. Perhaps debate was getting too heated. It sometimes happens, but not very often on this forum.

People are usually friendly and try to help, which is why I found your remarks a bit negative.

  [DELETED] 07:00 12 Dec 2003

I don't know, because as you say I'm just a visitor to the site, but I believe that this could have been pulled as people might read this as support for removing firewalls - which it was not. It was simply an open discussion as to whether firewalls were needed or not & an individual's choice on a proposed action. Everyone has their own opinion. The thing to remember is that in the majority of cases, all are perfectly valid. Whether they are right or not is a different matter :o)

Please do not feel that this was a slur against any one person as everyone here is nice - believe it or not :o)Why else would one give freely of their own time and knowledge? I accept that the tone of some individuals can be abrasive and that on occassion there may be the odd tetchy reply, the odd misunderstanding or the odd sarcastic response, but nothing personal is usually meant. The other thing is that some of the people who post have been here a long time [almost before time began - lo] and in-jokes abound that mean little to people like you and I.

EVERY member has a right to be here and every member has a right to post their views if they are not personally - or commercially - nasty. It is the way of the PC that one problem can be solved by many solutions and we are all on a learning curve. I believe that this is one of the reasons for many people on this forum. Not everyone visits with a problem - from time to time the Forum can become a place to discuss ideas, although FE tries to minimalise that as it frequently serves little purpose to others.

Please do not take anything to heart and, if you do, feel free to contact the forum member privately via the little envelope beside each of ur names and ask what is going on. I am sure that matters can be explained or misunderstandings cleared.



  [DELETED] 07:30 12 Dec 2003

click here is the thread that no one can't find....paranoia


  [DELETED] 08:50 12 Dec 2003

Hi Jim welcome to the site, I'm getting on a bit meself.
I didn't touch a PC until I was past sixty, and spend hours at a time here reading problems and solutions, trying to learn a little more.

However, it doesn't take a genius to work out that too resolve the pro/anti firewall debate would involve an enormous series controlled tests.

Also as an avid reader of this forum, I think the 'alleged' big 5 or 6 could be extended, to include many more regular expert advisors.

As plsndrs3 said mostly it's friendly, but from time to time toys, and dummies get thrown out the pram.:o))

One member who uses, what I would call 'wry humour' (has me in stitches) is particularly good at inducing dummy throwing.

Anyway welcome again, and if this thread ends up as the Friday night football, don't take anything said to heart. :o)) mike

  [DELETED] 09:34 12 Dec 2003

I searched for the thread but couldn't find it. I tried: firewall; Firewall; firewall.... and "going", but nothing worked even though the thread was started within the last month. I also did a manual search on the first four pages of the forum.

Gandalph's link works fine. 108 posts in a week, so it looks like a hot topic. I've never bothered with a firewall though I'm online all day. Carefree or careless?

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