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The big 5 or maybe 6

  james55 01:21 12 Dec 2003

You guys are the best in this forum without a doubt. You must remember you have an obligation to people who are not up to your speed. I am an old guy and have been into computers since the spectrum zx days and as a result can take your little tasks against each other with a pinch of salt. Newer people to the world of computers will hang on to every word you say and only speaking for myself I would not like that responsibility.

  james55 01:58 12 Dec 2003


I am not making any insinuating remarks, I am just pointing out that we who know about computers will take innocent remarks as, what can I say, well innocent remarks. I do not want to name anyone as he is one of my favourites,

I tried to make a case for the defence of firewalls but suddenly, I couldn't find the thread.

If this is offensive to your forum tell me and I will leave.

However I will still by the magazine, as it is the best.

  james55 02:06 12 Dec 2003


My loft also, thank god for a sane person, oops maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that word.

I love this forum and it hasn't been an easy start for me but it is up to you.

  james55 09:58 12 Dec 2003


I am sorry I flew off the handle a bit last night I must have been getting tired.

However it was good to mention the old zx again.

Please if any of you took this thread as an insult I apologise it was only intended to start a discussion.

I have Norton 2003 professional firewall and it reports and tracks the attacks and depending on the time they can be frequent, without the firewall somebody might just get lucky.


  powerless 18:10 12 Dec 2003

Remember the emails baby!

  powerless 18:18 12 Dec 2003

I'll think i'll copy and paste them ;-)))))

  james55 22:15 13 Dec 2003

This is one great forum and I am sure it will never be beaten.

Love you all


  Forum Editor 23:26 13 Dec 2003

what's this about a 'big five or maybe 6'?

I've seen the phrase used a couple of times recently, and it disturbs me a little. Of course we have a lot regular helpers, in fact we have quite a few very regular helpers, but that's a good thing isn't it? I think that without the regular and seemingly tireless input from a band of regular contributors the forum would be a dull place indeed. We've always had a dedicated corps of hard-working people who provide endless (and selfless) advice and support to the thousands of others who come here just because they know they'll get that help - almost at any time of the day or night.

If on occasion someone gives the impression that they have 'been there, seen that, done that' it can perhaps be excused. That person may well have been posting almost every day for over two years, and will have seen many problems dozens of times or more, or had the same discussion about say, Kazaa, on countless occasions. To my certain knowledge not one of these people would hesitate to spend hours of their time helping someone with a particularly tricky problem if the need arose - I've seen it happen time and again. If there are sometimes 'in' jokes it's understandable and inevitable, and it happens in all forums. I try to exercise a degree of control over this, because I know how irritating it can be for newcomers to the forum, but I'm also conscious of not wanting to be a 'red pencil' editor unless it's absolutely necessary.

Having said all that I thank you James, for providing a timely reminder that those of us who have a degree of experience with computers should remember how it felt when we weren't quite so familiar with them, and how much we might have appreciated a non-technical, non-patronising helper to offer assistance. I'm delighted you enjoy our forum, and hope that you'll join us often.

  powerless 10:08 14 Dec 2003

I feel under Pressure.

  Stuartli 11:23 14 Dec 2003

I thought the Big Five was hitting another person's raised open hand with your own in celebration of success or triumph..?

I've still got a pristine example of an Oric; it's the one with the proper keyboard as the original went kaphut and was replaced by the company.

Original cost was around £100 - a lot of money at the beginning of the 1980s - but led to my son's fascination with computers and a successful career as an IT support specialist.

  powerless 11:28 14 Dec 2003

High Five

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