Beware Infiniti

  Newuser3605 18:55 10 Aug 2006


Sorry for duplication. I realised that I should have started a new subject.

I have today received a packet of Infiniti DVD-R Printable disks from Choice Stationery.
They are totally useless to me as they have a large transparent centre area with the manufacturer's name and logo on it.
For anyone hoping to design and print a piece of artwork, these disks are worse than useless.
Please be warned.

  Stuartli 19:01 10 Aug 2006

I have the CD equivalents and the top surface has no markings on it.

By the way Infiniti is usually Taiyo Yuden rebadged media - probably the best media manufacturer in the world. Same for Imation.

  SG Atlantis® 19:03 10 Aug 2006

That's because you should have bought full face printable.

That's "FULL FACE"!

Strange, I have two packs of infiniti, both dvd and cd, and they are all white, fully printable! It says on the side full face printable!!

Top disks by the way, not a single coaster ever!

  jakimo 20:05 10 Aug 2006

There are two types of printable cd\dvd disks standard & full face,and if you didn't want the makers logo on them you should have ordered the unbranded version,its your mistake not Choice Stationary

  Stuartli 23:34 10 Aug 2006

Nor with Imation - that's the beauty of Taiyo Yuden..:-)

  Newuser3605 23:39 10 Aug 2006

Many thanks for replies.

I never knew about the "full face" option and this wasn't actually shown on the Choice webpage.

I have used the Infiniti CDs for ages. These are completely white, as Stuartli says, and absolutely excellent.

I felt that I should mention it and save others wasting their money.


  phono 00:41 11 Aug 2006

"They are totally useless to me as they have a large transparent centre area with the manufacturer's name and logo on it."

Send them to me then, ;^)

  Newuser3605 23:39 11 Aug 2006

Just in case anybody really believes the self-praising promotional guff from Choice Stationery, my recent experiences have revealed them to be dodgy - to say the least.
My enquiries to the M.D. and their Operations Manager about their useless disks went unreplied. It certainly makes me wonder about magazines who claim they are Best Buy etc.
When I had a chance to reflect, I realised that the " full face" description was nonsense. Only a moron would buy disks labelled with the manufacturers' name and logo on the printable surface. Whatever effect they aim for would be ruined. I have never seen these on professional CDs or DVDs.
No doubt some clever-Dick will state otherwise.
I won't give Phono the useless disks as I suspect he is a scrounger and not a registered charity.

  Stuartli 23:47 11 Aug 2006

I buy the bulk of my media from 7DayShop (apart from Morrisons when it was selling the Imation CD-R media at a very keen price):

click here

and whatever has been ordered has been exactly what I require.

  Input Overload 23:50 11 Aug 2006

I thought Infiniti DVD blanks were made either by Fuji or Mitsubishi?

  phono 00:01 12 Aug 2006

I am not a registered charity and I certainly did not expect to receive your "useless" disks, if you had bothered to look at my reply you would have seen the smiley ;^).

It was meant as a joke, I would suggest that you get a sense of humour and then post back, as far as your "useless disks" are concerned, well who knows where you could place them?

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