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  Migwell 00:39 18 Sep 2009

Yesterday I emailed HP regarding my printer A Photosmart D7360 which has not had a lot of use. It has only had two of the colour cartridges replaced from new and the black has not even shown and drop in ink yet, but is over 12 month old now. I asked about the hinge at the left hand side of the cover lid, this broke and the lid is now only hung by the hinge on the right so the lid needs to be supported at the left by a helping hand as without the help of this hinge the lid flaps around and can't support its self while changing a cartridge, and may well cause the other hinge to go as well.

Their reply was to direct me to a part of their site that deals with out of warantee items and they report that they make a standard charge for any work needed to be carried out on this type of printer. The charge is....£102 + Vat which is £117.30. The printer would be replaced with a reconditioned unit and only a warantee of 3 month.

I will let you all guess at the reply I sent them, after all the printer ONLY COST £89 NEW from Amazon

Your thoughts on weather you think this is reasonable, and if it could be classed as good customer service or support will be welcome.

Thanks Migwell

  ened 06:27 18 Sep 2009

I'm the first to criticise poor customer service but in this case I don't know what you expected them to do.

If the hinge was broken from the off you should have done something sooner; if you broke it then why do you think they should bear the cost of repair?

  morddwyd 07:30 18 Sep 2009

They are more interested in selling new printers than repairing old ones, and their pricing policy for repairs will reflect this.

They know that most people would rather put the £110 odd towards a new printer.

  cruiser2 19:28 18 Sep 2009

I had an HP printer which I got from PC World. The hinges on the printed paper holder broke. I had the PCW warranty. After a long discussion, I convinced them that it was covered under the agreement even though it was not a working part. I kept asking if they would like to keep bending down to pick up the printed documents..
Have now got an Epson All in one which has also been replaced as the original one developed a fault.
Had the original receipt but not the box.
While I was there the last time, another customer was having a heated exchange with one of the sales staff about an item he had bought at the store.

  Migwell 15:33 22 Sep 2009

Hi sorry I have been away for a few days.
It seems that customer care is a thing of the past. As I said earlier the printer has had very little use as proved by the fact that I have only replaced two of the cartridges up to now. I did hear some ware that the sale of goods act said that there was a six year cover on faulty goods, which I believe this must be. As hinges that break after so little use seemed to prove they were faulty in the first plase.

Then to ask for £102 plus VAT when the printer was only £89 inc. VAT seems like they are saying they don't want business from the people on the street but only care about large companies who can afford to just replace things as easy as blinking an eye..

  ened 15:48 22 Sep 2009

You still haven't told us how the hinge broke.

  wee eddie 16:08 22 Sep 2009

to do business.

They are telling you that the printer was made on a production line by folk who need no technical training.

However the repair will need to be handled by someone who knows how to do the job and will need to be posted in two directions.

You may also not that they, but not necessarily PCW, sold the printer at below the cost of production.

  wee eddie 16:10 22 Sep 2009

should read "know"

  Stuartli 16:17 22 Sep 2009

>>..that the sale of goods act said that there was a six year cover on faulty goods..>>

Not true.

On certain items, including electrical items, it is possible to make a reasonable complaint up to six years after purchase, but obviously conditions apply including the value of the goods.


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  Migwell 23:58 23 Sep 2009

I just opened the lid. On it's way up there was a bang and the lid slued to one side as it was then only held by one hinge. It had only been opened about four times. Can't say any more than that. Feel VERY disgruntled at HPs responce, and just wanted to hear others views on the subject.

Have heard solicetors on the radio say that if a thing is faulty companies can't shun their responsibilits by just using the 12 month warantee line. That's what I was going off.

But I have the right to vote with my feet as they say. That means not buying anything more from HP, but they will not worry as I am only very very small fry after all

Thanks Migwell

  Migwell 00:06 24 Sep 2009

Call this resolved

Thanks all

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