Beware of hackers this weekend

  MichelleC 09:58 04 Jul 2003

There's a hacking competition this weekend to see who can get into the most sites. What should we do with these little darlings?

  expertec 10:05 04 Jul 2003
  andywolve 10:35 04 Jul 2003

how can we stop hackers, to websites and our own computers? Do we need software to protect our websites like we do for our computers?

  User-312386 20:52 04 Jul 2003

it is the responsibilty of the webhost to protect your site

However, just re-load your site if hackers do get to it and change the passwords


  powerless 21:25 04 Jul 2003

Watch this space.

  AshW 21:38 04 Jul 2003

Heh, backups taken just in case...

It'd be funny if someone tried to get Slashdot. I wouldn't like to be them if they got caught, haha - OSDN alone is scary enough, then you'd have the millions of Slashdot visitors...ooh dear.

  Forum Editor 23:50 04 Jul 2003

if any forum member's personal site is defaced.

  Taran 00:07 05 Jul 2003

Most hackers worth the name will be targetting high profile sites for the kudos gained from their peers.

Think of it like this, if you were a hacker would you rather be known as the person who penetrated Yahoo or Barclays or the person who illegally accessed Fred Bloggs who owns the local chip shop ?

  powerless 00:27 05 Jul 2003

Fred Bloggs may have have the perfect recipe on how to fry the perfect chip.

  Sir Radfordin 01:00 05 Jul 2003

The impression I get is that its expected that hosting companies are the most likely to be targetted so members sites are just as likely as someone elses. I'd say any big corps. site that is vunerable would have been done already, and no doubt people have been busy securing them recently!

  Forum Editor 08:28 05 Jul 2003

are the target it won't matter what you do to protect your site - the hacker will try to shut down the server. That will mean that all the sites on the server will go offline.

Any host worth its salt will have systems in place to protect the server in the event of an attack - which is likely to be a Denial Of Service attack (DOS). These attacks are common, and servers recover from them eventually. There's absolutely nothing you can do to protect your own site from this kind of thing so forget about it.

I share Taran's view - web servers hosting big corporate sites are the usual target, there's not much point in a group of hackers bringing down a server that's hosting a hundred "pictures of my day out with the wife and kids" sites.

I'm ready to be proved wrong however.

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