Beware of e-mail from ""

  johnem 22:06 21 Feb 2004

Just found out the hard way, just recived an e-mail from "[email protected]" htta purports to be able to provide links etc for your web site.
There are no attachments to this, DO NOT open this e-mail.
It has a virus enclosed, it disables Norton Antivirus Auto-Protect and E-Mail protect. It will also modify your MS Outlook files and probably others. I am still in the process of checking for further problems.

  Wak 10:34 22 Feb 2004

Sorry to hear that you've got problems with an E-mail.
Can only suggest that you download "Mailwasher" once you get it sorted out.
However, thanks for the warning.

  johnem 20:46 22 Feb 2004


  Jester2K 21:10 22 Feb 2004

Or just don't open any messages from strangers. Oh and keep your Anti Virus up to date...

  justme 21:38 22 Feb 2004

Got to agree with Jester2K on this one. Do not open any e-mails from a person or company you do not know or were not expecting to contact you.

If the message is important they will contact you some other way, if it isn't then they should not be annoying you. Either way don't open any messages from strangers.

  johnem 22:50 23 Feb 2004

Thanks for all of the replies,I should have known better but... must have not been thinking straight.

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