Beware of defragging

  ukzz4iroc 09:32 08 Aug 2005

Just thought I'd share this. I defrag regulary and like to keep my PC as up and together as possible. Anyway I did it on Friday and ever since, my PC was about 3 times slower. Booting took about 4 mins and loading any software took ages. I installed Diskeeper and tried to remidy itthat way and twaled through MSconfig etc.

In the end I had to reinstall XP (didn't format or anything) And the PC is fine now.

I don't think I'll defrag again in a hurry. Just thought I'd share.

  mattyc_92 09:43 08 Aug 2005

That sounds like there was a/some currupt files on your system.

Diskeeper is your friend. I have set it to defrag my computer every 72 hours or so in the background while I am using the system, and it hasn't damaged my system in any way.

Was you using Windows Defragment Tool when this happened? as alot of people I know have problems with it.

  CurlyWhirly 09:44 08 Aug 2005

That's strange as I have been using DiskKeeper 9.0 for nearly a year and it hasn't given me any problems.
I only defrag around once a month though.

  ukzz4iroc 10:44 08 Aug 2005

Sorry I wan't that clear- I was using the windows defrag. I have since started using Diskeeper, in the first part to try and resolve the bad data and in the second part to use this moving forwards.

  Stuartli 10:45 08 Aug 2005

I use the Windows defrag utility about once a month with XP Pro and it's not caused any problems.

Perhaps using scanreg /restore might have been worthwhile first...?

  Chegs ® 15:34 08 Aug 2005

I once had my 98se system completely trashed whilst defragging.It was caused by a screensaver running at the same time as defrag.The two together left my PC files in such a mess,that everything I tried to do with the PC afterwards instantly BSOD or "Illegal Operation" I had to reinstall.As XP is generally much more stable,its unlikely to still happen but possible.

  freaky 15:53 08 Aug 2005

I use XP and defrag about every 1-2 weeks using the Windows defragger...never had any problems. But I always disable my screensaver when I run the program. If I don't then I always find the Report shows a lot of fragmented files remaining!

  Stuartli 16:20 08 Aug 2005

Another way is to move the mouse a fraction during the defragging to prevent a screensaver cutting in - or temporarily extend its cut in time.

  stylehurst 17:06 08 Aug 2005

I use Raxco Perfect disk & have set it to run in the background on a weekly basis, it has never given me any trouble.
I manually defrag the paging files & MFT on a monthly basis with the same program.
I have never experienced any problems

  griffon 56 17:38 08 Aug 2005

Somewhere I've seen it written that everything including screensavers should be off before defragging, whatever program being used. I've had messages come up from Windows defrag in Win98SE complaining that another program was writing to disk and that defrag had had to restart umpty times, but never had any damage done. I always disable even the firewall and antivirus before defragging, leaving only the volume control showing and I've never had any problems. I'd be interested to see whether anyone else agrees that regularly running CCleaner or other disc cleanup program plus using internet history erasers like Evidence Eliminator improves defrag performance.

  freaky 18:38 08 Aug 2005

Before I use the Windows defrager I do the following:-

(a)Use Norton Cleansweep to remove build up of temporary files, internet cookies and cache files.

(b)Run Windows Disk Cleanup.

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