Beware Ali Ahmed

  bowl 22:34 31 Aug 2004

Tonight I received an e mail from ali ahmed saying he would give me one third of 10 million dollars in exchange for my bank details beware every one dont send him your details all the best

  stalion 22:39 31 Aug 2004

lots of these scams about they must think people are stupid.

  buddiebuoy 22:41 31 Aug 2004

Why don't you send him bank details of an account that's permanently in overdraught and see if he deposits the dosh.
What can you lose?

  [DELETED] 23:24 31 Aug 2004

'cos he'll make the overdraft even bigger!

  end 23:27 31 Aug 2004

the anonymity of your e mail address for one;

  Eamonncw 23:30 31 Aug 2004

Hi guys,
Got my own version tonight offering 19% of
$35,000,000. Is there a protocol for this type of stupidity? For example, our police cannot anything as its all from overseas, in my case Zaire. Our Government WON`T do anything for fear of upsetting someone so all we`re left with is to ignore it. Answer it at your peril, even with an account that`s permanently in the red like buddiebuoys. They`ll then know they have a good email address and you`ll have them coming out of the woodwork. It`d still be nice to do something about them.

  pj123 23:37 31 Aug 2004

Read this previous thread and check out the links. click here

  end 23:44 31 Aug 2004

however, I ,for one , could find very good use for all that money:)

have not received mine yet, and know exactly what to do with it if/when it does get to be my turn:)

  [DELETED] 23:50 31 Aug 2004

end, when you get the email, just send them £4,000 it will save a lot of time and you will still get nuffink!!

  end 23:55 31 Aug 2004

what if I have "got nuffink" to send in the first place:)

"morning Mr Bank Manager..Its like this..."

come on,,,,give me SOME "credit"....yea....

  [DELETED] 00:00 01 Sep 2004

He might call the "looney police"

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