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Beware of Advanced System Care

  RegScriv 12:26 03 Jan 2014

Warning; if you download IObit's Advanced System Care you are very likely to download with it the Yahoo Re-direct Rootkit virus. There is no indication and it's downloaded whether you download from CNet or IObit. The virus takes over all your browsers and redirects them to Yahoo. All the browser resetting in the world will not get your browsers away from Yahoo. It's very difficult to eradicate. None of the anti-virus products work. Norton Internet Security missed it and Malwarebytes, Hitman, Stinger & Spybot didn't get rid of it. If you have a System Restore prior to downloading, that might work. It did once for me. The only other way I eradicated it was to use disc imaging software and to re-install an earlier image of the disc. For me, I shall never go anywhere near ASC ever again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:18 03 Jan 2014

Adwcleaner should remove it

Cnet has become a risky site to download from as most of the software on offer come with alsorts of rubbished packaged in

  spuds 14:33 03 Jan 2014

I have a previous version of ASC on the computer, and was informed of a newer version download. Clicking on the update for the free version, I was directed from the Iobit site to CNET. At that point I didn't go any further, having had previous problems with CNET downloads.Far to risky!.

  RegScriv 14:38 03 Jan 2014

I have all my start-up programmes disabled in msconfig and don't really use any add-ons. I run CCleaner nearly every time I run the pc. I got Malwarebytes to do a full scan and ticked all the boxes to get rid of everything it found. It actually only found a few pups. Interesting point about Revo. Don't know much about this one and hadn't thought about running NIS in safe mode. Would that make a difference?

At present I'm clear of the virus and won't be going anywhere near ASC again. I do wonder what the point is of the virus in forcing all browsers to Yahoo. Not a good advert for Yahoo is it.

  RegScriv 14:42 03 Jan 2014

Thanks for the tip on Adwcleaner Fruit Bat. I've added the site to my Chrome Bookmarks for future use should I need it.

  RegScriv 21:45 03 Jan 2014

Which site did you download it from nickf, presumably not the IObit or CNet sites.

  RegScriv 09:56 04 Jan 2014

That's pretty sharp michaelw. I completely missed the custom install. It's quite hard sorting through the chaff on these freebie sites. Having said that I've been so badly bitten I'm not going anywhere near ASC again.

I sympathise with your view rdave13 and do actually do all the things you suggest. I'm a bit of a cleanup freak and ASC really seemed to help. I use CCleaner and also use Malwarebytes and System Ninja regularly. For disc scan & Windows update etc I'll be using the longhand method from now on.

  alanrwood 10:17 04 Jan 2014

I run ASC on several machines and never had these problems. It is now quite common that programs try and get you to install various add ons and that includes "respectable" programs too. It is a shame that people don't look for these tricks of the trade as they are invariably present and then blame the software. The software writers include these because it is often the only way they generate income so let's not get too hot under the collar about it and take responsibility for looking at the install options carefully instead of just accepting the defaults.

  spuds 12:49 04 Jan 2014

To some point I have to agree that careful use of some of these 'cleaner' programs do have their use, especially for those that want a 'one-click' solution.

Over the years I have tested quite a number of the various programs on offer on a trial period basis, and found some remarkably easy to use and possibly good in their action. But like most things, there is always the chance that one program might cause total chaos, and that is when the true time of your own actions might come into consideration.

With regards to Advance System Care, I seem to recall when it first appeared on the scene many years ago, and was possibly named something like Windows System Care?.

  sunnystaines 10:57 05 Jan 2014

I have used ASC since it came out, I always download from majorgeeks web where it normally gives three download links. I aways choose the aussie link as the first link often has outdated versions.

never had junk downloaded with it, i always "deselect" the iobit toolbar option that might be where some have gone wrong.

  RegScriv 14:59 05 Jan 2014

I contacted IObit directly & received the answer below. It would seems that the Yahoo re-direct is part of their "Homepage Protection":

Please follow the steps below to solve the issue. 1.Open Advanced SystemCare -> Click "More Settings" icon on the top right corner of the main screen and select "Settings" ->

Click "Homepage Protection" on the bottom left -> Click "Settings" on the right to open Homepage Protection setting window ->

Turn off all the browser homepage protection -> Click "Apply" and "OK".

  1. Refer to the links below to change the homepage and search engine to the one you prefer: click here Please open Advanced SystemCare, and then open Homepage Protection setting window again. Then turn on all the browser homepage protection to protect the homepage and search engine from malicious modification. Then Click "Apply" and "OK".


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