A better way of looking at it....

  Simsy 11:39 30 Aug 2003

is to move into the newly created partition all your "data" rather than trying to move the "windows" stuff....

I'm assuming that you previously had just the one partition before, with everything on?

Just move to the new partition the all the "documents" that you have saved. (By "documents" I meanall types of files you have saved/created, such as letters, spreadsheets, photos, etc.)

Most folk will have saved them into the "My Documents" folder, (and its subfolders). Assuming this to be the case you can achieve this in 2 steps.

Just move that folder from the "C" drive to the new "D" drive.

Reassign the "My Documents" shortcut on the desktop.... Right click it, click "Properties", then in the "Target" box change the "C" to a "D".

(With apologies in advance if this produdure doesn't work in XP... it does work in 98 and Me)

I hope this helps,



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