a better way to lock Windows XP?

  BeForU 02:16 25 Dec 2003

Hello. I just like to know is there a better way to lock Windows XP so that when i leave the computer no one can tamper with it! I know of the combination of the 'Windows Key' and 'L' to lock it which is okay, but theres the 'Turn Off Computer' button which is what i dont want since even though the computer will be locked, someone can still turn it off! So is there a better way to do it! I remember Windows 2000 had a good locking system so is it possible that Windows XP has it also?

  Gaz 25 02:36 25 Dec 2003

Win XP hoem does not have the great CRTL + ALT +DEL locking system...

but XP PRO does.

  Gaz 25 02:37 25 Dec 2003

You would have to use 3rd party locking tools.

Anyone can pull the plug anyway.

  BeForU 02:38 25 Dec 2003

yeah just to add i use Windows XP Pro! so how do you do the btter locking system?

  Gaz 25 02:57 25 Dec 2003

click here

and disable shutdown when computer is locked in Group Policy.

  Gaz 25 02:58 25 Dec 2003

click here may answer any other problems you have.

  BeForU 03:01 25 Dec 2003

many thanks for your help Gaz 25

  Gaz 25 03:22 25 Dec 2003

Its fine, thats what I am here for.

  Gaz 25 03:23 25 Dec 2003

Glad you got it sorted, and Merry Christmas to you.

  Jag Heer 12:10 25 Dec 2003

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  Jag Heer 12:10 25 Dec 2003

Sorry I was meant to post that on the main thread

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