Better, but not quite there yet (HEEEEELP!)... :|

  [DELETED] 17:59 15 Dec 2003

click here to read about my bigger problem, which I've almost quashed by formatting and reinstalling.

However, whenever I go to Start --> Shut Down --> Restart, the computer restarts but I get back to the ol' not getting past the WinXP Pro loading animation. If I hit the reset button on the PC at that point, it boots fine again.

I have noticed that when I remove my ATI Catalyst Drivers, the 'puter boots fine everytime. Now, I've tried the 3.7's, and the 3.9's (including the latest revision) but I get the same result.

Any ideas whether it actually is the drivers?

  hugh-265156 18:19 15 Dec 2003

just guessing here but what about if you enter your bios and click on "set up defaults" and save and exit.

may be something to a note of your current settings first so you can always put them back.

  [DELETED] 18:21 15 Dec 2003

What card do you have?

What drivers came with it? Have you tried those yet?

Can you borrow someone elses (preferable ATI) card to test with?

Do you have onboard graphics to test with?

  hugh-265156 18:22 15 Dec 2003

just found click here see you have already tried that though.

click here too

  hugh-265156 18:26 15 Dec 2003

wrong MS link above sorry click here

  [DELETED] 18:37 15 Dec 2003

Have you been onto M$ Updates site and d/l'ed the SATA driver/ATI card driver?

I have a similar cfg to you(2 x 120Gb SATA)and found that to get XP living happily on a SATA hdd,install it to a small partition (10Gb's-ish)I used to get a blackscreen after reboots,when it was installed to 120Gb.I had finally got it to run faultlessly(the OS)for several weeks(instead of 1-3 days)visited M$ updates,noticed three newer drivers for my hardware,d/l'ed them and XP crashed within a few hours.As I had become suspicious of M$ updated drivers,I only installed the graphics card driver(thinking its the same driver I d/l'ed recently,but M$ certified)and my system went belly up again.,reset took me to blackscreen,Repair couldn't as it stated hdd filesystem was corrupted,format failed to complete and threw up error about hdd is damaged/corrupted.I used PM and then Maxblast to reformat the SATA hdd again,reinstalled XP(just now)as earlier install(this morning)crashed again.To get over XP's refusal to complete a format on the damaged install,I used Maxblast to create a partition,then XP install cd to format/create the partition to which I installed OS again.This posting is with only the bare minimum loaded(apps,etc)to get me online,I have just d/l'ed the Critical Updates and am gonna reboot after this post,so if I dont arrive back soon its cos I am doing the install over again. :-)

ps.I never did find howto access My doc & settings via dos either. :-)

  [DELETED] 22:40 15 Dec 2003

Is an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (256mb).

I haven't tried the drivers that came with it, as they don't support many of the features.

I guess I'll have to try them though.

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