Better luck this time?

  rickf 20:38 29 Mar 2003

Had no replies earlier on. I installed a new cooler and fan, Akasa for P4 and on booting the comp gave a series of non-stop warning sounds. Windows booted ok but the sound continued. When I refitted my original Intel one which came with the CPU, everything went back to normal. I noticed that the new fan had a black, red and yellow wires to the connector. The Intel has black, yellow and green. Could this be the reason? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  graham 21:17 29 Mar 2003

This will push you back up the list. Can't help except to say enquire from your supplier or Akasa.

  rickf 22:57 29 Mar 2003

The Akasa website does not seem to provide any support. At least the Support button doesn't seem to do anything. Have email the suppliers. Hope they can help. Its an unusual prob. As you see, its working as usual with my Intel Cooler and Fan in.

  DieSse 02:01 30 Mar 2003

The Akasa fan could be faulty - if the speed sensor has failed, then you would get this kind of warning.

  DieSse 02:02 30 Mar 2003

PS - fan wiring should be totally standardised - wire colours should not matter.

  rickf 10:59 30 Mar 2003

Thanks Diesse, I think you are right. Will have to get back to overclockstore about it. Its a pain.

  rickf 12:25 30 Mar 2003

In case those who tried to help want to know. I have it sorted. The prob was that one of the led bulbs was protruding too much and was in contact with the blades. This prevented the fan from spinning properly. I pushed the offending led bulb back well into its socket and everything is hunky dory. Thanks to all those who tried to give me ideas.

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