better to have more ram of better processor

  yamahamt07 16:30 22 Feb 2015

I am buying laptop for 11yr old who plays minecraft on pc. I am comparing two hp laptops one has intel i3 but has 4gb ram the other amd a8 with 8 gb ram, both are same price £350.

I belive i3 is better but is it more impotant to have better processor or more ram.

many thanks

  rdave13 16:53 22 Feb 2015

For this situation I'd definitely go for the better CPU. Ram can be upgraded in a laptop if the mobo allows. You can't upgrade the CPU.

  wee eddie 19:01 22 Feb 2015

I'm no expert but I think that both will disappoint on the Gaming front

  bumpkin 20:17 22 Feb 2015

I would try to think ahead here, neither of them are very good for gaming and an 11yr old will soon be looking for better games, so your £350 machine whilst it may be appreciated now may soon become redundant. If you decide to go ahead then the i3 would be better.

  wee eddie 20:54 22 Feb 2015

I5 would be a better bet

  wee eddie 21:43 22 Feb 2015

Gaming performance depends, very much, on the Graphics capability of the Chip installed.

At the low price range you are considering a Lappy with less RAM, that you can upgrade in a couple of years, and a Processor with better on - Board Graphics is to be preferred.

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