better detailed, which laptop? question...

  millerworld 11:06 16 May 2012

Hi, can anyone please help me decide? there doesnt seem to be much difference in these two?????

id be very grateful for any comments

  frybluff 11:33 16 May 2012

Are broadly similar. The Advent has additional USB port, which can be useful, plus a better webcam. Confess I have no experience of Advent, as a company, so you would be well advised to check out some user reviews, to ensure there are no "common issues". Both would appear perfectly useable, for routine "stuff", provided you are not looking for gaming capability, or something like video editing.

  millerworld 11:38 16 May 2012

thanks frybluff, yeah i thought that too. the asus has an itel proc. the advent has an AMD? i know that is a cheaper processor but is it any less effective? feel like flipping a coin !!

  frybluff 19:50 16 May 2012

Don't profess to have any great knowledge of AMD. For general use, Intel are regarded as "better", but it depends how you define better. Also, the Intel in the Asus is a fairly basic Intel. The AMD in the Advent is, at least, a step up from basic, so this, particular AMD, may be better than that particular Intel (if that makes sense).

If you can give some idea of any specific tasks you want the laptop to be good at, someone, with more knowledge of AMD's, could give more specific advice. As I mentioned, you should check out some user reviews, on the Advent, to make sure there are no issues (I have no reason to suppose there are). Asus, generally, have a fairly good rep.

  millerworld 09:03 17 May 2012

i looked up as many reviews as i could and the deciding factor was the battery life!! i decided to go with the asus, simply because it was the one that had the least bad reviews. after all, what am i expecting for £330 ????? thanks for your comments guys, i will let you know tonight what the piece is like, it is due to arrive this morning!!

  frybluff 14:35 17 May 2012

I'm sure you'll be happy with your purchase. At least you are going in with your eyes open. Too many people buy a £300 laptop, and THEN wonder why it won't do all the clever things a £1000 laptop will.

Of course, with any particular laptop, there may be a problem, if you happen to be unlucky, but there's always plenty of advice, available, on this site, and, as far as I am aware, ebuyer are fairly good, anyway.

Good luck, let us know how you get on (that helps people, in future, decide.)

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