Better Buy !!-- Umax or Goodmans Scanner

  spuds 17:11 26 Apr 2003

Need a little help on this one. I have some Argos and Index vouchers to use up, and I was wondering if anyone as any information as to the better buy product within the range of these three scanners. Goodmans GSC 12, Goodmans GSC 24 and the Umax AstraSlim SE.

At present, I have an HP ScanJet 5100C,which is causing parrallel point conflictions, so I want to convert to a USB scanner.

Would you also have the website details for Goodmans. Many thanks as usual, for any help.

  spuds 13:58 27 Apr 2003

I am surprised that nobody seems to use or have knowledge of one of these scanners.Well it looks like a flip of the coin tomorrow, to see which way my vouchers go.

  pj123 15:54 27 Apr 2003

Don't toss the coin yet. I have two Umax scanners 2100U both of which are great. Never had any problems with them. I have also recommended them to five of my pupils who also have had no problems. Never heard of the Goodmans scanner so can't comment.

  leo49 18:22 27 Apr 2003

Like pj123 I've never heard of Goodmans in relation to Scanners - although they've been around for years producing [usually]the cheapest version of any hifi/TV product you care to mention.[If I'm honest, I always think of their products as 'cheap 'n' nasty' but that's probably snobbishness!]. Umax are at least well known in the scanner field although the Astra 3400 model I've got[bought as it was on special offer a couple of years ago]has been a big disappointment in terms of build quality[the lid slips off at the latest movement]and performance in scanning - in fact I've consigned it to the top of the wardrobe as the results aren't worth the effort. I'm more than willing though to accept that I've been unlucky and that I should have bought a more expensive model if I expected quality results.


  leo49 18:23 27 Apr 2003

"[the lid slips off at the SLIGHtest movement]"

  accord 18:25 27 Apr 2003

had a umax 2000U usb scanner for about 5 years and never let me down. of the same opinion as leo49 re goodmans products. umax gets my vote.

  spuds 20:17 27 Apr 2003

Thanks everyone for the good response. I tried to check out the Goodmans products by various means. Didn't have much success, except that they come under the Alba,Bush etc banner [many old names there]. The scanners appear to be of Malaysian origin.They look nice with 4 button advantages-copy,scan,email and fax.

Looks like I will try out the Umax from Argos.It is £10.00 cheaper than most places, comes with a 2 year warranty, and if I do not like it, then I have the Argos 16 day money back-returns guarantee to fall on.Thanks again everyone.

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