Beta Spybot

  Tenacious Green 12:06 19 Oct 2004

I have installed Beta version of Spybot to get rid the Dso Exploit. This version has come up with 4 entries in a bluey kind of colour :
Common Dialogues
Are these safe to delete - I presume the cookie one is just my current collection of normanl cookies, but the rest I'm not sure of.
Advice welcomed.

  Tenacious Green 13:50 19 Oct 2004

Not written well. Try again - Spybot beta has got rid of those dso's but has come up with some other things and I need to know whether I can get rid. These are Common Dialogues, Cache, Cookies and Log. What are they and can I select for deletion. Spybot doesn't select them automatically.
Apologies again for initial bad written post.( How did I manage that O'level English qualification!)

  Jackcoms 14:39 19 Oct 2004

Tenacious Green

This may help, next time :-) click here

  Tenacious Green 15:10 19 Oct 2004

Thanks for that, If my spelling and grammer get any worse I'll take you up on that!
Any takers for advice, though?

  rawprawn 16:02 19 Oct 2004

I think what you are talking about is "Usage Tracks",if so yes they are safe to delete. Have a look at the Tutorial in help and it shows all the colours

  Tenacious Green 16:07 19 Oct 2004

I did read that but because the colour isn't really green more of a blue I was unsure and was hoping someone might know a little bit more or be able to identify them from their names.

  rawprawn 16:12 19 Oct 2004

I still think what you have found is safe to delete, but if you are worried you can set Spybot to make a restore point before it deletes, but I found it very slow. I suggest you do it yourself.

  Tenacious Green 16:17 19 Oct 2004

Many thanks and good idea, I'll try that if no one else give a positive answer.

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