Beta Max Video Recorder As it Any Value.

  prince midas 17:46 12 Apr 2012

I have a Sony Betamax C7 Recorder in Excellent condition with Instructions & Guide with Beta tape etc which I purchased in 1968 for £650 which as been stored for the last 15 Years.As it any finacial value.

  john bunyan 17:50 12 Apr 2012

Look on Google: Here is an example Betamax £35

  spuds 23:39 12 Apr 2012

I also have a Sony Betamax plus a Philipps 2000, both in boxed pristine conditions. Looks like a check in the attic and a Google search for any values?.

  hssutton 13:39 13 Apr 2012

Beta I think you may be correct, a search brings up May 10, 1975 as the release date

  Woolwell 14:24 13 Apr 2012

Definitely a type the C7 was in production from 1977-1980. It's a museum piece see National Media Musuem

  Woolwell 14:24 13 Apr 2012

Another typo - type instead of typo!

  robin_x 15:21 13 Apr 2012

My Dad fortunately bought a VHS machine in 1980 in the Middle East at the height of the Betamax war. Lots of his friends bought Betamax and VHS (they were all rich in the oil boom). You could buy Pirate Tapes for a song.

He shipped it back here. A lovely £500 machine, but it was PAL-D not PAL-I, so no sound.

Fortunately, Akai or Aiwa, whoever, said they could change the Tuner in their Service Centre in Gordano, Bristol for £30.

Only an hour away, so we took it up and went back a week later to collect. "It's ready", they said on the phone.

When we arrived, the receptionist went and got it and plonked it on the counter and said "Sorry we have stopped doing this modification. That will be a £25 handling charge please".

My Mum was incensed at our waste of time and petrol and their lack of communication. They had agreed to do it after all.

She picked it up and, after venting her spleen, said "You know where I am. Send me a bill". We never did hear back.

I think we managed to use it for playback for a while till prices dropped and we got a UK one.

  prince midas 15:59 13 Apr 2012

I must be wrong with date of purchase but it was a long time ago.

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