Best wireless setup for my flat

  Nramos 11:27 31 Dec 2016


I'm looking for some kind of setup so the wifi can get through all of my flat with a pretty good signal coverage.

This is my houseplant:

I have the router provided by the company in the Living room. It's 300mbps using ac (5ghz) and it's giving around 150mbps using 2.4ghz. I'm all the way up in room 4 (the corridor is about 12m long) and the living room's wifi barely gets here, only the 2,4ghz one though. I have an socketplug extender in bath2 which does help a bit, giving the room a not-so-solid connection of 10mbps.

There is no socketplugs on the corridor.

The thing is while this is fair to actually use it and stream movies, my ps4 barely gets the signal, and when it does it's of about 400kbps.

I wanted to know, if I buy a more powerful router for the living room that covers all the flat, or even to give the extender a better signal. Or is there something else I could try? I didn't want to spend much money on it, about 100 maximum.

The router from the company is an Askey rtf3505vw; and the extender is a TP-Link WA854RE.

Any ideas or good routers I can buy that help in this situation?

Thank you!

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  wee eddie 12:19 31 Dec 2016

Homeplug with a WiFi Point at the socket in the passage, or in Room 4

  Nramos 12:43 31 Dec 2016

That's what's already being used, cause in the passage there are no plugs so using the one in the toilet next to the door. And the signal that gets to the room from the living room is not good enough to put a wifiplug in the room.

Maybe a more powerful router will get the job done?

  wee eddie 13:26 31 Dec 2016

Is the Router plugged directly into the Telephone Companies Master Socket?

  wee eddie 13:27 31 Dec 2016

With "No" Extension Leads

  Nramos 13:35 31 Dec 2016

Yes it is

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:03 31 Dec 2016

What sort of wireless extender are you using?

would have thought that a "homeplug" with wireless would work click here

  wee eddie 14:43 31 Dec 2016

FB: That is a first class article, short and to the point, with all the necessary requirements clearly denominated

  Nramos 00:03 03 Jan 2017

So, from what I gathered with the article and another one mentioned within, if I buy a "set" of powerline adapters, connect one directly to the router in the living room, and connect the second one in my room, i'd have a wired connection in my room?

Which then would open a whole lot of possibilities to get a wifi network working on the other side of the house i suppose

  wee eddie 00:11 03 Jan 2017

These Powerline Adaptors (Homeplugs as many call them) are available so that the second plug is also has a WiFi Source as well as having an Ethernet Socket

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