best wireless card

  the kopite 13:57 30 Jun 2005

Hi Guys whats is the best wirless card fot a speedtouch 530 router thanks kopite

  Forum Editor 17:28 30 Jun 2005

that complies with current wireless standards will work with any router that does the same - the hardware compatibility rate with wireless network components is very good indeed.

I commonly use Belkin cards, but that's simply a personal preference thing - any card from any well-known manufacturer will be fine.

  the kopite 17:46 30 Jun 2005

Thank youi fe I was just looking at a belkin card but what threw me was I brought a belkin router only to find my isp Aol does not support it so now I have brought a thompsons speedtouch 530 as you can see by this FE I have never networked befor lol will buy the belkin thank you Kopite

  Forum Editor 19:54 30 Jun 2005

A law unto themselves.

  the kopite 19:59 30 Jun 2005

So true FE but here is one subscriber who is migrating after reading a interesting article on our forum lol Kopite

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