Best Wifi Extender for Old House

  JoField 09:05 16 Aug 2014


My dad lives in a several hundred year old farmhouse that has a foot thick walls between each room (honestly!). He has broadband with BT (EXTREMELY slow!!) but the moment he leaves the room where the router is his wifi drops out on his phone.

We have looked into various wireless wifi extenders but he would need literally dozens around the house situated every few feet away from each other because of the very poor reception there.

Short of wiring the whole house with network cable and having wired access points in each room does anyone know of anything else we can try to get a little wifi available around the house? I did find this on the internet but don't really know much about them. It may provide wifi coverage externally but would this also give off a strong enough signal to permeate through the walls in the house? click here

  Ian in Northampton 09:48 16 Aug 2014

You might be surprised at how relatively inexpensive wiring might be. I had the exact same problem, and got a local guy to run cabling around the outside of the house, putting in around 6 Ethernet sockets. From memory, it cost me around £200, but in terms of network access throughout the house, it was money well spent.

  Batch 12:18 16 Aug 2014

I'm not sure wifi extenders would work very well in your situation anyhow.

They have to pick up a decent wifi signal in the first place in order to repeat it and I suspect whichever side if the thick walls the extender is placed it is not going to work well. Also, extenders can be a pain to set-up.

Using Powerline adapters might work though.

You plug a master one in near the router and connect it via cable to the router.

Then you plug slave ones in around the property. The signal gets relayed through the electric cabling. You can then connect (via cable to the laptop / PCs wherever).

It's also possible to create additional WiFi access points using Powerline. You can get slave adapters that include WiFi capability.

Read up on Powerline first. E.g. Powerline Explained

  Ian in Northampton 13:26 16 Aug 2014

Batch: good thought. Just in case you think I was mad throwing a lot of money at the problem, though - for historic reasons (i.e. we joined three cottages together) we have two separate, unconnected power supplies - so Powerline wouldn't work.

  wee eddie 14:02 16 Aug 2014

Try putting a Source of WiFi at the top of the Roof Space.

People always think of the Signal going horizontally, but it can travel vertically as well and floors/ceilings are usually pretty thin.

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