Best wi fi booster recommendations

  BingoBoy 14:50 04 Jun 2018

I have the latest Virgin Media wi fi router but as I have something like 13 devices linked to it which includes an Xbox and a Samsung smart TV I seem to be having issues with connectivity for the Xbox via the new Samsung TV. The router is upstairs so cannot connect the Xbox to internet via cable and I have been informed that both Xbox and smart TV require a consistent, strong signal. Download speed tested and came back with 52 whilst upload returned 10 so I think the speeds are OK. Can anybody suggest a good wi fi booster for under £50 that will resolve the Xbox issue?

  difarn 18:48 04 Jun 2018

Perhaps two Home Plugsm each with an ethernet point will do the job. If you want them to have both ethernet and wifi capability they will probably cost more than £50.

  BingoBoy 21:45 04 Jun 2018

Sounds like a good idea. Amazon do a TL-PA8010P KIT V2 AV1300 for £55. Done a bit of research but in simple terms is this how it works - plug one receiver into a socket near my router and connect using the ethernet cable provided. Plug the other receiver into a socket near the TV and this becomes a wifi point thereby giving a stronger signal.

  difarn 23:42 04 Jun 2018

Yes, that's how they work. You could also use the ethernet point on the second plug to hard wire a device if needed.

  BingoBoy 08:30 05 Jun 2018

This does sound like a good solution particularly if I go for one with two ports and connect my son's Xbox and the Samsung smart TV via ethernet as these are the items that are having problems with connection dropping off. My main concern having read a bit about this is the configuration of my electrics at home. The fuse box/distribution board has a number of different circuits all with separate switches and as the router is upstairs the wall socket nearby would be on a different circuit to the socket next to my TV/Xbox. I have read this could be an issue. I am not bothered about getting the speeds that they claim but I do need a consistent signal for the Xbox to avoid the grief I get when Fortnite keeps crashing! Any views on this aspect would be much appreciated.

  Lisa Coffey 10:32 19 Jun 2018

I have a Sky wireless booster in my home from last 3 years and not face any problem with the network. Sky is the best to solve this problem with its wireless booster - a new dongle that allows you to extend the reach of the wireless signal around the home.

  difarn 19:25 19 Jun 2018

As long as the circuits are on the same fuse box I don't think that there will be a problem. Here is a link to a similar thread on this forum.

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