DARIO_909 13:14 13 Nov 2009

Hi there guys and gals

Just looking for a recommendation really.

i need to build my won website.

i need it to look clean, crips and professional.

ive heard alot of the software programmes out there, they dont look professional (i.e the templates they have available) so i was wondering if anyone has any experience with any such programmes, and if they could send me there URL they have created with said programme, so i cam make an informed decision.

at the minute its between:

website x5 evoultion


xsite pro

feel free to give me your pros and cons, and which ones you feel are bette, or suggest any others

thankyou in advance.

Dario :-)

  babybell 14:04 13 Nov 2009

There are lots of sites that offer free templates that are very professional, like click here for example

These can simply be edited in any web editor, such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver

  Dragonfly2 10:53 15 Nov 2009

Have you looked at click here?

If you go into Web Hosting, then Site Wizard Login, you'll find a tab "Test Drive", where you can play around with a lot of templates. It's really useful, even if you don't end up using them, you can get a lot of ideas about what layout, colouring etc. you want.

  bentchristensen 23:03 15 Nov 2009

Some pros might think it isn't good enough.

However I have made my webdesign for click here with it.

You can have a look at click here

  webharry 21:28 16 Nov 2009

Well, i will advice you to go with dreamweaver which is easy to use and is widely used among webmasters.
Also you can try RVSitebuilder whcih is offered for FREE with my webhost ( click here ) RVSitebuilder is very easy to use and can be customised, i have been using it since long time. :)

  IClaudio 13:35 17 Nov 2009

Heart Internet ( click here ) offer affordable hosting (with great customer service, Search this forum for hundreds of recommendations and as far as I know, no negative comments) and they also offer a free (downloadable, no box) copy of Serif's WebPlus X2 - click here to see the blurb about the latest WebPlus version, X4 (Serif skipped X3 in order to catch up with the latest versions of their other titles).

I'm a lot happier using WebPlus than DreamWeaver, which has a much steeper learning curve (although there are many more templates available for DW...). It's very easy to set up, for example, Forums, Blogs, RSS feeds and so on in WebPlus.

Looking at your candidates; WebSite X5 looks easy to use and is cheap, but I'm a bit concerned that you can't actually see the sites that they offer as Customers' Examples. Why not?

I have no knowledge of xSite Pro, it looks a little on the pricey side (though, by the way, DreamWeaver will set you back a LOT more!) - and again, no examples.

Admittedly, the examples on the Serif site are just from their included templates, but from experience, they are pretty easy to adapt.

  IClaudio 13:48 17 Nov 2009

Oh, I just found the Examples on the WebSite X5 site, there are 5034 of them (follow the Gallery link).

Many of them are protected from 'View Page Source' - don't know if this is a feature of WebSite?

And, when I managed to get to view the Source, one of them seemed to have been constructed with ... WebPlus!

  123joey123 14:34 18 Dec 2009

I agree that Serif Webplus is the best abs easiest. You can probably get the X2 version quite cheap but go for X4 if you can

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