Best way of viewing/uploading an image?

  geek84 17:22 03 Aug 2013

Hi Folks

Can someone please advice to the best way of uploading an image and sending it to a contact, other than sending it as an attachment?

At present, the way I do it is take a picture of the image on phone, store it in the My Pictures folder on my PC, and then send it as an attachment. However, I want the other person to view the image as it is rather than having to open an attachment.

Thanks in advance

  wiz-king 19:06 03 Aug 2013

Open e-mail , add blurb, then 'insert', 'picture' this will put the picture in the body of the mail.

  Forum Editor 08:40 04 Aug 2013

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  geek84 09:19 04 Aug 2013

Thanks wiz-king

Can you also tell me how to upload an image as part of a forum posting (for example).


  wiz-king 09:36 04 Aug 2013

Set up an account (free) on photobucketor postimage or anyone of the other photo sites. Then copy the url given and paste it into the mail.

  geek84 15:59 04 Aug 2013

Hi wiz-king

Sorry to bother you again, but I'm not very tech savvy, so could you please explain what you mean by Then copy the url given and paste it into the mail.


  rdave13 16:12 04 Aug 2013

Another easier way to do it is to use the snipping tool (or similar) to take a screen shot of part of a forum thread and save to desktop (or where you can find it). Then insert the image to your email.

  wiz-king 17:19 04 Aug 2013

When you load an image it is given a url that you can copy and the anyone who has that url (web address) can put it in their browser and look at the photo.

  rdave13 17:26 04 Aug 2013

But that is similar to opening an attatchment. You email a link to the image. Using my method the image is embedded in the email. When the email is opened by the recipient then the image is seen within the email.

  geek84 19:04 04 Aug 2013

Oh I see. Many thanks Wiz-kid. I shall try that & if it don't work, I will be on this thread again asking for your generous advice

  rdave13 19:26 04 Aug 2013

I shall gracefully bow out of this thread. Sorry my suggestions weren't applicable to embed an image to an email.

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