Best way to store important items on a PC?

  geek84 12:35 31 Jul 2013

Hi Folks

Could someone please suggest the best way to store important items on the internet or PC?

Items I was thinking of are - birth certificates, passports, school certificates, driving license etc.

A friend of mine did suggest Drop Box, Google Drive, and Sky Drive. Has anyone used any of these before? Are they quite secure?


  Nontek 13:02 31 Jul 2013

I would not trust the Internet with any of the items mentioned. They would be heaven for any ID theft hackers.

Better in a bank if they are deemed that important. Though I am 78yrs young and have always had those items in my personal possession without problems.

  mole1944 14:12 31 Jul 2013

e-mail it to yourself

  Zak 15:02 31 Jul 2013

I use dropbox and that works for me. For security items I use Steganos LockNote to secure the files.
Make sure you use a strong password and that you do not lose or forget.

1]: [click here

  Zak 15:03 31 Jul 2013

Sorry somehow link came up twice!!

  Zak 15:13 31 Jul 2013

geek84 Just realised that Locknote can only deal with .txt files!!

This is what you need: AxCrypt - File Encryption for Windows

Download AxCrypt

  geek84 13:52 01 Aug 2013


Anyone have any more suggestions please?

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