Best way to set up two hard drives?

  tomhealy 10:22 20 Aug 2003

I have got a new(ish) 120gb hard drive and a new (replacement) 40gb drive.

I was using the old 40 gig drive as the system disk and the other as spare and for backups but, as i am going to have to reinstall windows xp anyway, I am wondering what people would recommend in terms of which to use as boot disk, partitions etc?

The PC is used for mainly games, internet and listening to music and very ocasionally some uni work if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance (and if you're good then i may even thank you afterwards :o) )

  tomhealy 11:05 20 Aug 2003

PS. Please bear in mind that i have no idea about partitioning at all


  phoenix_one 11:16 20 Aug 2003

do you know the speeds in rpm of the hard drives

  tomhealy 11:18 20 Aug 2003

The 40 gb is a maxtor 5400rpm and the 120gb is a maxtor 7200rpm

  Ben Avery 11:19 20 Aug 2003

I would use the 40GB HDD set as the Master with you OS and your program files etc on it.

I would then set the 120GB HDD as the slave drive and use it as a storage location for all of your work, pictures, games etc etc.

The easiest way to achieve this is to put in the 40GB HDD and setup XP on it. Install all of your programs etc (not the games) and once the system is running smoothly install the slave drive.

When they are set up, change the location of your "My Documents" file to the 120GB drive letter location and this will make storing things easier as you can use the My Documents shortcut for you files and games.

Also, once you have installed the 2nd HDD, it would be a good idea to do a total drive image to the new(ish) HDD so that if anything ever goes wrong with your main HDD (40GB) you can do a quick restore using the image and this will take you right back to the nice "Fresh" istall point.

Also, all of your work will still be on the other drive so will not be lost!


  Ben Avery 11:23 20 Aug 2003

You may want to use the 120GB for all of your software and Documents and just use the 40GB as a backup.

Up to you really although I don't suppose the speeds will be hugely noticable.


  phoenix_one 11:30 20 Aug 2003

agree with ben, it is better to install windows on smaller hdd and back it up on the larger one.

Use the slave drive for all your games etc that way if they muck up they "shouldnt" corrupt any windows files

Keep windows away from the games and you might even notice better performance, (we are talking small amounts though)

  DieSse 11:41 20 Aug 2003

The extra speed (and possibly larger cache?) of the 120Gb drive will almost certainly make a significant improvement in performance.

For that reason, I would use the 120Gb drive as the Master and for all you everyday work, and the 40Gb drive as a backup.

  tomhealy 11:53 20 Aug 2003

What program do you recommend for making the image?

Also how would i change the location of "My Documents" to the 120GB drive?

  DieSse 15:07 20 Aug 2003

You can use the free xxcopy program to clone your current master drive to the new drive.

Download here click here

  Ben Avery 16:32 20 Aug 2003

to change directory of My Documents:

Right click on the "My Documents" icon on your desktop and select "Properties"

Under Target type the following:

where "E" is the letter of your storage drive. If you have 2 CD Drives e.g. DVD / CDRW the Drive letter may be F:\ instead.

Agree with DieSse though, may be worth installing OS and programs and also Games onto 120GB as Master then using the 40GB as an Image Drive and Document Drive.

Your Choice really!

I use PowerQuest Drive Image to create images of my Drive but as DieSse link is to a freeware piece of software, you may as well try that first!


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