Best way to secure my remote access

  bradyglinka 21:45 07 Sep 2008

Hi all,

I use LogMeIn to access my home PC when I'm away from home. It's great and because I travel so much it's nice to be able to get into my home drive.

But I worry that my PC is sitting there with an "open" connection and someone might be able to hack it. LogMeIn is a very secure piece of software, but I use the same password I use for lots of stuff.

I know I could change this, but is there any other way to secure the login? I use Bank of America and I get a text message every time I try and access my online banking.

Are there any free services like this for remote access software like LogMeIn?

  bradfelcher 02:40 09 Sep 2008

Have you tried using Phonefactor for Logmein ? PhoneFactor is slick because it uses your cell Phone or Landline phone for the second strong authentication. It's a voice call, so you don't need to have a "text" plan. The really cool part is if someone else gains access to your username and password.

PhoneFactor is also free to use and you can download it at PhoneFactor website.

click here

  bradyglinka 16:29 09 Sep 2008

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the tip, I showed one of my friends in IT at work PhoneFactor and he was very impressed. So impressed that he wants recommend it for our company as well.

I thought I would need him to help set up the software and install it for my personal use, but it was so easy I didn't need him

He thinks that this solution is far better than the one we use currently use which is security tokens. No need to enter a long complex pin number, he knows that people are far less likely to lose their phones than their security tokens. Also having seen how easy it was to set up and use he thinks it will remove a lot the headaches he currently has to deal with security tokens.

So I've found it great for personal use and peace of mind and my company is probably going to use it as well!

Check out click here

  brooklynkumar 19:19 11 Sep 2008

Good thing about PhoneFactor is it breaks ground in the tradeoff between security and convenience. It's generally true that the more security you have, the less convenience you have. In the case of PhoneFactor you give up a very small amount of convenience (receive a phone call and hit #) for a whole lot of security (2-factor authentication).

  bradyglinka 22:26 12 Sep 2008

I have to agree.

Even the system that I get with Bank Of America you have to give up a lot more convenience: to authenticate you have to wait for your phone to receive a long code and then enter it into a text box on the page and click submit.

PhoneFactor is far far far more convenient than Security Tokens which are another way to implement two-factor authentication. These you have to carry around and require a lot more integration for IT departments.

  brooklynkumar 01:43 16 Sep 2008

There are 3 key weaknesses for text solutions relative to the voice solution that comes from PhoneFactor and others. First, text requires that you enter text into your browser window. If that window is compromised, someone may get all the pieces necessary to get into your account. Phone is an "out of band" solution. Second, texting only works on wireless phones, not wireline. If you happen to be out of range or coverage, you are out of luck. By contrast, voice-based solutions allow you to authenticate via landline or wireless. Third, user experience is better on voice-based solution. Pick up the phone and hit "#."

  bradyglinka 03:41 16 Sep 2008

Hey brooklynkumar,

Thanks for articulating that so well! All your points are valid, I agree with you.

I think another thing is that some people can't use text messaging, I know my Grand Parents would struggle with getting a text message, but find it easy to just press a button on their phone.

  bradfelcher 04:17 17 Sep 2008

Woow..Great discussion everyone. Brady glad your company likes it. Looks like BrooklynKumar also uses phonefactor for logmein.

I completely agree with you guys that this is a great solution for multi-factor authentication especially since it's free.

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