is this the best way to save w98 updates?

  david.h 16:09 16 Dec 2003

i have xp pro but want to save the w98 updates for my daughters computer.[ which is temp out of action]

would it be ok to save w98 updates to a folder on xp, i would then copy the folder to cd for her to load.

but i am not sure if saving these w98 files to a xp folder would interfere with xp [my xp is ntfs]

anyone offer any suggestions

  Jester2K II 16:10 16 Dec 2003

Nope thats fine.

Updates won't interfere with XP.

NTFS doesn't matter.

  david.h 16:13 16 Dec 2003

thanks for the reply, in for a busy night downloading

  leo49 16:18 16 Dec 2003

I downloaded these for a friend this morning - it's about 34-35mbs all told - only took 7-8 minutes.

  david.h 17:19 16 Dec 2003

downloaded most of them, thanks for the tip

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