Best way to print web pages professionally?

  buel 12:06 04 Sep 2013

Hi, There are a few web pages that I would like to print and get professionally bound as they mean a lot to me. Please can anyone suggest a better way than simply using my own printer on basic A4 paper? Are there any companies that provide this service? Thank you.

  lotvic 12:24 04 Sep 2013

Depends on how you have saved the web pages to your harddrive. There are several ways to save Web Pages. (File | Save Page As | ) Or the simple way take a snapshot picture.

A simple example: If you took a screenshot and saved as a picture etc. then it's just a photo and you can get that printed off.

What OS and software progs do you have available? and how do you envisage the end product looking (sizewise) as some web pages are extremely long.

  Woolwell 12:44 04 Sep 2013

The majority of printers will be able to take a document in pdf format and produce it as a bound booklet at a cost. You need to decide on the format eg A4 booklet or A4 folded booklet and then it may be best to use a desktop publishing program to take the contents of the web pages or a copy of the webpage in jpg, etc produce the booklet and put it into pdf. You may need to watch out for copyright issues. Producing one copy could be prohibitively expensive even using on line printing services.

Alternatively you could print off each webpage on good quality A4 paper on your printer and then get a folder from a stationers which will have a clip along the edge and a cover. This likely to be far cheaper.

  bumpkin 13:36 04 Sep 2013

You could buy a decent folder/binder with the clear plastic envelopes as pages, not a ring binder but one where the pages (envelopes) are bound into the cover like a book. Print your pages on your highest quality printer settings onto photo paper, then you can arrange them as you wish and have the option of changing them around. A cheap option that may suit what you are trying to achieve.

  buel 08:17 03 Nov 2013

Hi again, Just a quick one to say that I have decided to print these web pages myself but I seem to remember a way to print web pages without all the adverts that appear on the page, does this make sense at all, please?

  bumpkin 17:46 03 Nov 2013

What printer do you have.

  rdave13 18:00 03 Nov 2013

Free Greenprint World should help. Make sure you have the free version and also the correct 'bit' version.

  buel 18:23 03 Nov 2013

Hi all, I have a Brother DCP J315W printer.

That program looks to be excellent but unfortunately with the free version I have found that I can only use the options of 'remove text' or 'remove pictures. :0(

  rdave13 18:30 03 Nov 2013

If you run adblocker the ads shouldn't show except for the embedded ones where you could remove the text and image.

  bumpkin 19:26 03 Nov 2013

It is a reasonable printer so I would think that if you set it to its highest quality mode and use some photo paper you will get a decent result. You can edit out the unwanted bits with most photo software.

  buel 23:23 03 Nov 2013

Hi, I still only have the option to remove all text or all photos, i really could do with something that i can actually edit out the ads/text/photos, if you see what i mean?

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