Best way to partition a new hard drive?

  Snrub 00:19 24 Mar 2010

What's the best way to partition a new hard drive? Thinking of creating a partition for OS XP, dual boot OS for Windows 7, a partition for My Documents and Programmes, a partition for Internet Browsing. Does this make sense, sure I have read it somewhere but can't find the article? What's a suitable Partition Manager, preferably a freebie?

  Devil Fish 00:27 24 Mar 2010

if you have xp installed you will need a third part partition manager dont know of any freebies but paragon is dam good click here

  Sheik Yerbouti 08:40 24 Mar 2010

If you are reinstalling from scratch, Win XP installer has a partition manager.

If not I can also recommend Paragon. Be sure to fully back up all important docs, b4 partitioning an active drive.

  canarieslover 12:05 24 Mar 2010

A free partition manager that works well is Easeus Partition Manager.
click here
I have used it for partitioning and re-sizing partitions and find it very easy to understand and use.

  Snrub 18:05 24 Mar 2010

Thanks for replies on partitioning software.

Has anyone partitioned their OS, documents and programmes, and internet browser all separately?

I understand this method is used to prevent risk of malware, viruses etc. and makes for a more efficient system where the OS stands less chance of corruption.

  MAT ALAN 18:18 24 Mar 2010

where the OS stands less chance of corruption.

A virus will take no consideration on big your HDD partition is, what i would do tho is make sure what ever partition arrangement you consider it is well BACKED UP...

  Jollyjohn 18:28 24 Mar 2010

Not sure how you intend to have your browser on a separate partition but yes my hard drive is partitioned as OS, Applications, Docs etc

  canarieslover 19:12 24 Mar 2010

Your browser is just another of the programs that you be using and as such it should be with the OS and other programs. It's a bit pointless having your applications on another partition as they are all connected to the OS through the registry, if you have to re-install the OS then the applications won't work unless they are re-installed. It is best to install OS and applications and then use imageing software like Acronis to back it up ready for a quick re-load if necessary, then use other partitions for data.

  Jollyjohn 20:37 24 Mar 2010

If the applications are installed on a separate partition then their specific settings can be retained after a re installation of the OS. For example games will store your progress etc and whilst you have to re install the game you will retain high scores etc.

  canarieslover 20:45 24 Mar 2010

My apologies. Not being a gamer I did not even think of that.

  robin_x 20:58 24 Mar 2010

EASEUS PM is great but not for W7.

Use EASEUS ToDo backup (with some partition stuff) and Partition Wizard (which looks like EASEUS but doesnt say so), for W7.

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