Best way to keep benefits of fibre broadband

  hastelloy 08:10 26 Sep 2013

Sorry, Couldn't come up with a better title!

I am thinking of going to fibre broadband with my existing ISP ( from 3Mbps to 58 Mbps) but have about 18m cable from phone socket to router which they say will lose 10% of bandwidth. If I move my router it means changing the cable to a patch cable - a major undertaking. In any case, I have 4 cables going from my router to 3 PCs and a print server.

If I moved the router and used Powerline to get the signal across the house (front to back, down to up and left to right)and then use a switch to split the signal, would I lose much or is there a better way?

  Forum Editor 09:39 26 Sep 2013

You currently have 3Mbps and even with the existing setup that would improve to a potential of over 50Mps. I don't really see the problem; why don't you try the faster connection with the 18 metres of cable to the router and see how it goes?

  spuds 10:01 26 Sep 2013

If you are going from 3Mbps to 58Mbps, then I don't see the 10% loss you state, will make much difference. I have a cable of similar length (20m) from the master box to the router, and there was no 'drop-off' at all. But I suppose this all would depend on the cable you are using, and whether its to specification, and all connections are satisfactory?.

TalkTalk is my ISP, but BT OpenReach provided the cable, did the necessary work and did the relevant line and speed checks.

  wiz-king 10:34 26 Sep 2013

Disconnect the wireless network or ban all smart phones and tablets from the house.

Then you can use your full bandwidth. grin

  hastelloy 13:56 26 Sep 2013


Don't have a wireless network, smart phones or tablets as we are all old fogies here!

FE & spuds

I agree with you and had thought that but was wondering if there was a relatively easy way to get the best possible from it. That's probably the way I'll go but would still be interested to know how much I'd lose by using the method I suggested?

Will leave this open a bit longer to see if anybody has any further idea.

Many thanks for your input.

  The Kestrel 15:49 26 Sep 2013

My PC and router are a similar distance away from the main socket box by the front door. When the Openreach engineer came to install BT Infinity fibre broadband he rewired the phone socket at the end of my extension cable, where the modem and router are situated, as the main box. Perhaps they can do the same for you on installation.

  hastelloy 17:55 26 Sep 2013

The Kestrel

Thanks for that. Maybe my original post wasn't clear but I don't have any extension sockets - my router is plugged into the main socket with an 18m cable.

  hastelloy 07:53 02 Oct 2013

Apparently the "problem" never existed but not for the reasons given above.

When BT (not my ISP) come to do the install, there is an optional, up to 30 metre extension which they can install between the socket and router. I had originally been told this was "up to 5m" which wasn't much good to me.

So it all happens in 3 weeks time.

  spuds 10:20 02 Oct 2013


See my earlier comment regarding the cable, there should never have been any problems.

One suggestion that I would make, is to take any speed test readings done by the engineer at the time of installation, because you might need this at a later stage, if problems occur.

  hastelloy 16:54 02 Oct 2013


Thanks for the tip. I am assured that the extension kit will not affect the speed, unlike my present cable.

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