Best Way To Install Office 2016

  Eargasm 11:24 01 Nov 2015

Desktop Computer running Windows 10, I'm currently using Microsoft Office 2007, and use Outlook for my emails. I've recently got Office 2016 on DVD, can I just install 2016 over the top of 2007 ?, or am I better saving all my contacts/ emails and uninstall 2007 first. Thanks

  Forum Editor 08:52 02 Nov 2015

There have been considerable compatibility isues with Office 2016 and Microsoft Exchange 2007, but I have no personal knowledge of any problems installing over Office 2007.

Your suggestion of backing up contact details (and emails, as you use Outlook) and then running a clean install of Office 2016 might just be the safest route in the circumstances. You can then import your contacts and emails.

  HenryF75 10:46 02 Nov 2015

Have a check on google for further advice, but as far as \i asm aware Office 2016 on DVD will update your 2007 version to 2016. If you do not have the entire suite installed , you may have to remove some unwanted programs after the update. Best to back up youe email though before going ahead.

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