The best way to go about proper storage

  Randum Ian 09:31 30 Jul 2003

Morning all, I have a little annoyance and was wondering if anyone on here could provide a good solution.

I have got a 2100 XP with 512 DDR which has got a 60GB hard drive and soon to be installed 120GB hard drive both running at 7,200RPM. The problem I have got is how do I successfully set these 2 drives up to suit my way of working. I am finding that I have to reboot and reinstall my OS all the time because I just get it so cluttered up I don't know where anything is!

I have got windows 2000 pro which I am sticking with as it is the best for my means. I just don't like XP but I wouldn't mind playing with it I suppose. Once solution I had was to partition the 60GB drive into 3 x 20GB partitions and have win2k on one, xp on the other and the third one for backups via Norton Ghost and then I have 120GB for storage.

What do you lot suggest? Anyone in a similar position?

  Jester2K II 09:53 30 Jul 2003

I have a 60Gb main drive and a 20 Gb Secondary.

The main drive has my Windows XP installation on it.

The secondary is partitioned into two other drives.

1 x 2Gb for the Swap File

1 x 18Gb for Backups

The 18Gb Drive has folder like Utilities - which contains copies for programs i use and have downloaded of the net (legally), Drivers - which contains all my drivers for my hardware, Backup - where a program called EZBack-it-up 1.2 click here has been set up to copy My Documents and various other settings to, Patches - which contains software patches i have used, Windows XP CD - copy of my Windows XP CD etc etc

But then again i'm really fussy on how i store stuff on my PC. If i need a program then i know exactly where its going to be....

  Randum Ian 10:30 30 Jul 2003

Thanks for your reply Jester2k, can you explain the reasons behind you having your swap file a) so big and b) on a separate drive to your installation?

  Jester2K II 10:37 30 Jul 2003

The swap file isn't that big. Just the partition is. Not sure why but it doesn't hurt it - think it was just an easy number to type in when setting the partition.

Secondly i believe there is a performance boost by holding the swap file on a separate partition because the Swap File never becomes fragmented and as its on a separate physical disk to the OS faster transfer speeds are achieved between the OS and the swap file.

Now watch as some of the regulars point out the error of my ways...

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