The Best way to get video into my PC

  Goodtime 09:11 07 Feb 2004

Does anyoe know the best way to get VHS onto my PC? I have USB, firewire and Coax out?

Look forward to your response.

  Lozzy 10:06 07 Feb 2004

Use The Firewire connection for faster upload to the PC. You may need a an adapter for the cable end attaching to the firewire card..

Also what software are you using to do this?? Easy CD/DVD Creator V6 or Win Movie Maker or Nero V6??

  Lozzy 10:09 07 Feb 2004

These links may also help you..

click here

click here

click here

  Goodtime 11:29 10 Feb 2004

Thanx for the tips using win media 9, but having probs with that. When i connect my camcorder i can only get video, no audio, but the packaged software (image mixer)(JVC dv camcorder) works fine. I dont really like this interface and would rather use win media 9, but like i said no audio. Very frustrating!

  dfghjkl 13:12 10 Feb 2004

i belive audio is on a seperate cable to the video,i have 2 cables one yellow and one black.

  Goodtime 14:34 10 Feb 2004

I dont think that is it as i go thru USB.

  LAP 19:18 10 Feb 2004

I use USB for stills and mpegs. And I agree with Lozzy and use a firewire cable for video

  Goodtime 08:21 11 Feb 2004

ok, I'll try firewire, but i still think there is a software issue with getting audio from my camcorder to the computer as it only works with the bundled software.

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