Best way to 'get rid' of 30+ corporate PCs...

  pauldonovan 10:06 04 May 2005


We have approx 30 'old' PCs that we have wiped (several times) and wish to get rid of.

The average spec is Compaq P3 733 with 128MB ram, 10GB hard disk.

Give to charity? Sell as a job lot on ebay? Throw in bin ?

What are others experience of this situation?



  Chegs ® 10:16 04 May 2005

Depends on how much effort you wish to devote to disposal.Ebay would probably result in you answering loads of questions from prospective purchasers.Charity/Schools would be eternally gratefull.Bin them and you might find your charged by the local authority to dispose of them.

If there free to a good home,where are you.I can find a use for a couple. :-)

  Aspman 10:23 04 May 2005

Chartiy might take them. From experience charities can be very picky. I offered a large number of working 14" monitors to a Computers for Africa charity Plus lots of servicable parts (we kept the cases and Windows) and was told to bog off.

As for Ebay you'd get better results breaking up the machines and selling the componants. the postage for a heavy case would make the whole machines too expensive but the componants would sell.

Mind you. I'm with Chegs. I'd take a couple off your hands for a case of beer.

  Diemmess 10:47 04 May 2005

Local BBC radio (Gloucestershire)has a help line. Some charities have unhelpful rules about electrical goods ......

If in your shoes I would try and contact an organisation with the ability to advertise and sell for their benefit. Like a glorified car-boot sale. We have an annual Cub-Scout auction where anything seems to sell!

An accountancy firm I know, managed to dispose of most to staff and their families, the same with a local district council. Hangers-on who ask, could then be asked for small money for the remains.

  Completealias 10:49 04 May 2005

There are alot of computer recycling companies popping up around the place. They would be more than willing to take them away, not sure if there is such a place in your local area though.

As Chegs suggested the local schools may be well up for taking them and very grateful i'm sure

  pauldonovan 10:55 04 May 2005

...charities/schools are quite fussy about what they want.

Now that NT 4 no longer has security patches/support (these machines came with NT4) it makes it trickier, ditto re: giving to staff/families - we've found in the past it is more trouble than it is worth.

I like the ebay idea...I wonder if a single person might take the lot from us, pay us a fee, then resell!



  Jeff W 10:57 04 May 2005

Do you have a freecycle group in your area?

Freecycle is a series of local groups prviding the means of disposing unwanted items to people who would have a use for them instead of putting them in the tip.

Check here click here for your nearest group.

  pauldonovan 10:59 04 May 2005

by coincidence, someone is selling 10 in a wholesale area of Ebay I didn't know existed. 31 bids currently and currently going for 420!

For 30 I make that over a grand. That'll do nicely, might try that route. Less hassle if it is a wholesale sale.

  pauldonovan 11:05 04 May 2005

Here's link...

click here

  Indigo 1 13:47 04 May 2005

Your local Church would also be able to pass them on to a worthwile cause.

  Stuartli 13:54 04 May 2005

This link will give you an idea of what some online retail outlets sell similar systems:

click here

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