Best way to extend wifi coverage from Neighbor

  blanka499 14:24 06 Feb 2008

hi there

I have asked my neighbor if i could share her broadband wireless as i have a 5GB cap on mine and she agreed but the problem is that she lives across the street from me and my laptop sometimes cannot catch the wireless signals that are there.Sometimes it does goto her router (which she has disabled the security for ) and i can use the internet but i do have constant problem of internet going off.
I have a router a BT voyager 2091 but i do not know how to make configure so that i can use it as a repeater which i have read in some forums makes the signal stronger.Originally a BT router but its giving me a problem and does not give a constant DSL signal so I'm thinking if i can use it as a repeater instead. Now is there any way i can boost up her wireless signal so i do not get disconnected from the net frequently?

Many thanks


  Kemistri 16:35 06 Feb 2008

If she has disabled encryption, please tell her that she is asking for problems. Why can she not simply give you the PSK?

I doubt if anyone around here knows how to use a BT router as a repeater or whether it is possible. My educated guess is that it would not be possible. Go buy an AP or maybe move in next door!

  Forum Editor 17:04 06 Feb 2008

your neighbour will almost certainly find a clause in the terms and conditions attaching to her broadband service agreement that probibits sharing a service between two separate properties.

That being tha case, she'll be in contravention of her agreement if she allows you to share, and may suddenly find herself disconnected.

  setecio 21:05 06 Feb 2008

How does the 'La Fonera' system work (The free wi-fi router that PCA offers with subscriptions).

Does that system not also contravene ISP agreements ?

  Carneydill 18:12 10 Jun 2008

I am trying to do the same thing, but instead of getting wifi from my neighbor, I am trying to get it form my college. I have a house right next door. I get some internet but not enough. I found something online (that I will try in a few days) where you can convert a basic 60 US Dollar Linksys router into a repeater. Though I might be able to do this I am uncertain If I will be able to connect it. If anyone has had success with this, it would be very kind of you to give me your input, if not I will give you my experience very soon. Thank you

  Forum Editor 18:23 10 Jun 2008

I presume you have permission from the college to do this? If you don't, and you are living in the UK you will be breaking the law.

  Forum Editor 18:26 10 Jun 2008

I've just realised that you are resident in america, and so the part of my earlier post that referred to legalities may not apply.

Provided you have the college's permission you could improve the wireless signal by using an amplifier.

  L8-tian 18:28 10 Jun 2008

As i understand, you are trying to access your neighbour router to go online.your neighbour is accross the street. So surely there will be more disturbances or interference.Because you are trying to connect wireless.

For better solution, you can extend the signal from your it will gain very good signal strength across the street.Since you having a can buy an access point.configure this access point as a repeater. So it will extend the signal. there is no problem in your neighbour wireless signal.

From your side only the signal is dropping because of the interference.

  ambra4 00:49 21 Jun 2008

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