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best way to erase data from old hard drive

  Laurence WM 18:37 26 Apr 2014

What do you think is the best way, for a hard drive from a PC I want to dispose of?

The options seem to be:

  1. Reformat the drive
  2. Download a programme to erase the data (any particular one you recommend?)
  3. Take the disk out and physically destroy it (most effective way?)

What do you advise?

Many thanks, Laurence

  john bunyan 19:58 26 Apr 2014

I would remove all your data either to a usb drive or delete it. Then use CCleaner (Tools, Drive Wiper,Free Space only) wipe it with 3 passes. You could then sell or pass on a usable computer.


To be absolutely safe, take out the hard drive and cut it up!

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