Best way to compress and mail photo's

  TommyRed 19:00 09 Oct 2003

I'm going to Ireland next week, spending 4/5 days in the North and then the same in the republic. I'll be spending the time up North with relatives and though he hasn't got a CD-RW I was thinking of e-mailing photo's from the North to myself leaving the camera free for the South. I've never compressed and e-mailed photo's before only ever forward the odd funny one on, so how do I do it. TR

  pinka 19:05 09 Oct 2003

drag over the photos
then right click one of them
then send to compressed folder .
right click on the zip folder and send to mail recipient .
make sure your within your mail attachment limit to send , which will depend on his isp . mines about 10mb . and remember youll only have about 50mb to store anyway .

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