Best way to build site?

  PCDevil 10:46 13 Sep 2012

Hi. I had some ideas for a website, but I'm unsure what to do as far as getting the site up and running. I know HTML/CSS and have edited Javascript before, but my ideas are more complicated than what I've done before and I know it will take more than just HTML.

I don't want to say at this point exactly what the site is, but I want to be able to do the following:

First, have members each with their own profile that is viewable by others

This profile would need to show content they had uploaded to the site and perhaps have a few optional editable features that the member can change.

Second, allow members to submit content and allow them control over it (e.g. edit and delete functions)

I would need a text editor of some sort with form/menu options and the ability for them to edit/delete what they submit.

Third, a rating system for members on the content submitted

Fourth, for the rating system to be linked with a payment system

The rating system would be just a few options and would need to display what the average rating was. It would also have to be a members only feature. However, for each rating the member would get money. I would need a system that works out what the member has made and displays the balance to them as well as allows them to cash out through PayPal when the money has built up to a certain amount.

The payment system would not involve any buying, selling or customers.

Finally, a feature that finds all the latest submissions and shows them in one place

Where can I find these features? Or how easy would it be to create these features?

I know some sites (e.g. Wordpress)have plugins, but it would be helpful if you could list the site and the name of the plugins if you know them because having looked at Wordpress earlier I can see there's hundreds and I didn't know where to start.

Any help would be great and sorry if this is slightly confusing. Thanks.

  phpdevelopment 05:18 26 Sep 2012

Web design doesn't have to be difficult if you concentrate on the best ways to build a website. Wordpress development is great if you learn how to use it good.

  PCDevil 16:06 26 Sep 2012

Thanks. I do design websites using HTML all the time so I know it's not difficult, but this is more complicated so I don't know the best way to build it which is why I asked.

I know how to do the basic stuff on Wordpress, but I don't know what features I need to learn to be able to do anything better. I'd rather do it myself than have someone create it for me, I just need to know the key things that I need e.g. which plugins or coding language.

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