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best way to boost wifi

  mco 12:04 27 Aug 2004

Hi. I've set up my laptop to connect wirelessly onto our bt broadband network. I put a wireless card into the BTmodem. Everything works - but - it's the old problem of poor signal strength in a solid brick Victorian house. For various reasons I can't change the location of the base station, nor can I go knocking brick walls down. What's the best thing I can buy to boost the signal (or is it just a lost cause when we're talking brick walls?) I've seen things advertised that look like antennae - but because I did wifi through a slot in card, where and how would I attach such a booster? Is there another type? Many thanks!

  Graham ® 12:19 27 Aug 2004

Would this work?

click here

  Graham ® 12:20 27 Aug 2004

Would this work?

click here


  mco 14:48 27 Aug 2004

I get what it's trying to do but the cardboard thingy has to go around your own antenna - well, my wifi set up doesn't have an

  Graham ® 15:04 27 Aug 2004

Yes, I realised that. But there will be an internal antenna, so you could place it near the modem. Other ideas on that site, such as placing a mirror to go round corners and bouncing off a garage door.

  mco 15:08 27 Aug 2004

oh I see! Sorry to sound thick! Well if I could just place it near the modem and try some of the other ideas, at least if it's only a tenner it's worth a try.

  Graham ® 17:59 27 Aug 2004

You could try some kitchen foil!

  mco 18:32 27 Aug 2004

I might just try that! - loads of people fiddle about with home made antennae; something to do in the holidays!

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