best video card for FSX

  maltose 18:07 06 Feb 2011

I have a Dell Dimension 5150 with an Intel(R)945G 82945G Express Chipset v6.14.0010.4543. It will not run FSX and I assume I will need a new card can anybody recommend one?

  MAT ALAN 18:59 06 Feb 2011

It will much depend on how much you want to spend, you may also have to consider how much memory you have and if you need to upgrade both will your PSU be man enough to the task.
So a bit to think about...

  maltose 11:45 07 Feb 2011

Thank you Mat Alan - I am willing to upgrade both the video card amd RAM if needed and, of course, assuming it costs more than a new PC. I am surprised you consider PSU a potential problem I had always thought CPU was the main FSX bogie.

  MAT ALAN 11:49 07 Feb 2011

Upgrading VGA cards can be resource hungry especially if they draw power direct from the PSU as opposed to the MOBO.

Might be an idea to find out what your PSU is rated at just to be on the safe side, It might already be more then adequate...

  maltose 12:10 07 Feb 2011

Looks like it is 305W (that is the standard for my Dell Dimension) can't find the detail in the PC's files - is it stored somewhere that you know?

  GaT7 12:26 07 Feb 2011

You're right about the CPU & FSX, but the main reason the PC is not running FSX at all is because you probably have integrated graphics (GPU), which will only run very basic games (if any games at all).

I would go for something like HD 5670 or GT 240 - about £50-60. They are not very powerful, but will run off the Dell PSU as they don't need external power from the PSU.

You might find the Dell PSU rated at only 250-300W, but they are capable of outputting quite a bit more than that. But if you go for a more powerful GPU than the ones suggested, you'll be looking at upgrading the PSU as well. G

  maltose 15:33 07 Feb 2011

Thanks crossbow7 I now have somewhere to start from - thank you. I should add that I can run FS 2004 but it stutters and freezes.

  GaT7 15:41 07 Feb 2011

No problem, but if you find it doesn't work too well with the GPU upgrade you'll be thinking of a CPU upgrade, then RAM & so on!

With all the upgrading (if it comes to that), you may be better off buying a better PC to be honest. G

  maltose 16:35 07 Feb 2011

I have just tried AMD's 'Can you run it?'. Their result is that I should not be able to run either FS with my card! Otherwise for CPU rAM etc I got the green bars. Now I go to Amazon and see mingy HD5670 cards - anything wrong with the Sapphires which seem to be at the lower end of the market?

  GaT7 16:40 07 Feb 2011

Nothing wrong with Sapphire - just good value.

PowerColor, Inno3D & Sparkle are usually the lower end of the market.

What's the lowest price you're finding for a HD5670 at Amazon? G

  maltose 16:56 07 Feb 2011

they range from £65.00

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