best video cam software?

  shortcircuited 11:11 10 Jan 2003
  shortcircuited 11:11 10 Jan 2003

I have a mini dv video cam and firewire, what is the best video capture software to get at reasonable price, I do want good quality but i dont want to pay loads of money for nothing, at the moment on windows movie maker i can only get at highest about 700 and something by (well i dont know exactly but i dont feel like checking it up now) and 25 per second.
I want quality resolution that i can save to disk.

Thank you

No biased answers please.
Definition of biased - (If you have shares - or own - the company you recommend, then you're probably biased)


  stlucia 12:16 10 Jan 2003

Pinnacle (click here) seems to be best value for beginners, and is very simple to use. It has a few problems (check threads in this forum for samples) with some computers, but when it's working properly it downloads the video from your camera, splits it into scenes automatically, lets you edit the scenes, fade-in and out, merge, etc., add titles and sound, then save it in several different formats for VCD, DVD, etc.

  MichelleC 12:28 10 Jan 2003

Pinnacle is good. Or you can try Video factory click here and d/load the trial to see if you like it, but you can't burn or ptt until you buy.

  pcandy 15:00 10 Jan 2003

I could not get Pinnacle Studio 7 to render MPGs and got no successful help from the Pinnacle Support Desk although it is a known issue: loads of unhappy customers on their discussion forums.

I would not pay to upgrade to v8 just to see if that worked....

So I downloaded a trial version of Ulead VideoStudio 6 from click here. It works perfectly and the downloadable documentation is some of the best I've seen (for beginners like me).

So I bought from Ulead and love it.

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