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Best use of SSD's and HD's

  Bob V 14:45 24 Mar 2019

Hoping for a bit of good advice current pc is win10/i7-4770k/16 gig ram/GTX 570gt/250gig Samsung SSD/500gig Samsung SSD/Western Digital 500gig HD. Having decided to clean off a lot of accumulated rubbish, particulary on C:Drive Samsung 250 gig, I'm not sure where to re-install win10 OS to, 250 or 500 ssd. I run DCS flight combat sim mostly, with the occasional tactical shooter for company when bored. So mainly its flight sim stuff. I'm not afraid of format and reinstalling drives although I'm not much more than a pc enthusiast and hence my I need to partition the 500gig ssd for any reason and then install os? 0r is there some benefit from placing os on smaller 250 ssd?. Apologies in advance if the answer is obvious, I dont know what the best setup might be.

Many thanks Bob

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 24 Mar 2019

Partitioning is "old hat" however it does make life easier if you want to image and restore if your partitions are a small size.

I have windows using about 3%Gb on a 128GB SSD with all my programs and dta on a seperate HDD I'm not a gamer.

I understand it is better to have your games on a SSD to make then run faster therefore in your situation I would be inclined to install windows to the smaller SSD and games to the larger (as they are likely to take up more space with saved games etc.).

  Bob V 20:55 24 Mar 2019

That's how I'm currently setup, OS on the smaller and games-ish on the 500, so I think your thoughts confirm my own idea's. Many thanks, Bob.

  Bob V 14:24 25 Mar 2019

Anyone able to give me a broadoutline procedure to format\clean two above ssd's and reinstall Win10 Home without undue drama?. Already hit a problem with the Samsung 860 Evo (D:) as it will not accept 'clean' command (via command prompt window) as per following message-

'Virtual Disk Service error: Clean is not allowed on the disk containing the current boot, system, pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume.'

Regarding current C: drive re format, presumably, I can boot from win 10 disk or win10 bootable USB and then quick format to clean state and reinstall fresh least thats a start?

thanks in advance for any replies, all help appreciated! Bob

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:11 25 Mar 2019

Yes you are right you will have to boot from a win 10 usb / dvd media disk to format the c: drive if you want to clean install windows.

  Bob V 15:37 25 Mar 2019

Fruit.........Any thoughts on the Evo 860 drive with the error message..........?

many thanks Bob

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:43 25 Mar 2019

will not accept 'clean' command (via command prompt window) as per following message-

windows will not wipe itself out - you are trying to clean the disk windows is trying to operate from.

you need to boot from a USb version of windows to a command prompt and run it from there.

you can download windows 10 boot media from MS and craete the media to run from.

  Bob V 15:51 25 Mar 2019

Just a thought.........if I physically remove the Samsung Evo 860, format the Samsung 850 evo and reinstall Win10 (simple one ssd drive + OS set up).......then 'remove' physically from pc. Re fit 860 evo as main single drive, install win10 onto this drive, then format everything off leaving 'clean ' formatted 860 evo. I should then have a C: (Evo 850) with the OS and very little else, with clean 860 evo D:

A bit 'round the houses' I know..........


  Bob V 15:53 25 Mar 2019

Thanks Fruit Bat.........I was typing at the same time you were, so, boot from USB /media..........and format/clean both as per your above? Bob

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:55 25 Mar 2019


  LV426 08:05 28 Mar 2019

If your using win 8 or 10 you can shrink your 'C' drive using windows computer management, find it useful to create a 'D' partition if I need to.

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