Best sub £300 digital camera please

  Halmer 19:26 20 Dec 2003

Can someone recommend one please so that santa doesn't miss me out.

  Jester2K II 19:33 20 Dec 2003
  MAJ 19:33 20 Dec 2003

You'll probably get as many suggestions as there are cameras that fulfil your criteria, Halmer, as everyone has their favourite. I find Dpreview is a good site to guide me. click here
Alternatively have a look at PC Advisor's top ten lists, in the mag.

  Jester2K II 19:36 20 Dec 2003

Personally i love this one.... FujiFilm S304 click here

About £230 from click here

Use the rest to get the case and / or a bigger card...

  Jester2K II 19:47 20 Dec 2003

click here


  Jester2K II 19:48 20 Dec 2003

Was also in the PCA Top 5 until last month....

  Halmer 22:59 20 Dec 2003

The Kodak looks a decent buy. I've been told that Fuji are the market leaders but the S304 looks a bit bulbous!

The Pentax doesn't have an optical view finder which I think that I would like.

  PA28 23:06 20 Dec 2003

I love my Canon A70 having used both Fuji and Olympus. The A80 4MP looks even better and is just within your budget.

  Jester2K II 23:09 20 Dec 2003

Its not. Its like a slightly small SLR without the weight. Not too heavy, not too light... I find it much easier to handle than traditional "ciggy packet" cameras...

  sdf 01:01 21 Dec 2003

this thread has made me very interested in the A80 - but nowhere seems to stock the blessid thing! It would be nice to get it in time for Xmas, hence high street is the only option, but curries, dixons, argos, comet and pc world do not seem to stock it. can anyone think of anyone else? I'm looking in the vacinity of Reading

  hugh-265156 01:25 21 Dec 2003

have a read of some reviews here click here great site for info and you can even view the pics taken with each camera to judge for yourself.

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