Best size for a Windows partition?

  Fatboy415 16:02 03 Apr 2005

I’m about to build my dream machine which is based on storage space for my music collection and video editing. I have ordered two 200GB Serial ATA hard drives which I intend to partition. The second drive will be used solely for the video files as reading the forums here this is the ideal video processing setup.

My question is how much space should I allocate for the Windows installation taking into account all future updates Microsoft release? I will create another partition called data for program installations but is there a way to force installation programs to automatically change from the default C: drive to say a D: drive where the program files are to be stored?

If I am wide of the mark here please let me know as we are always learning.

Thank you

  Jeffers22 16:19 03 Apr 2005

How much space you allocate depends entirely what you want to add in the way of programs. (and the MS updates/service packs as you mentioned)

I would not go below 20Gb, probably with your size drives would double that even though you plan to have separate homes for your data and for your applications.

Yes you can install all your apps to (say) D: when the OS is on C: .... but remember that pretty well every major application will write to the registry on C: and many absolutely insist on having a folder or installing dlls on C: even though the prog itself is on D: There are also (even these days) some badly behaved apps that will not let you choose the install path at install time.

  AndySD 16:24 03 Apr 2005

I tend to agree with Jeffers22 making the C Drive about 20 to 30 gig. I personally would create 2 other partitions on this for the programs and one just for data. On the second drive I would have 2 partitions one about 4 gig as the Windows Paging File and other taking the est of the space.

  oseven 17:41 03 Apr 2005

I have a similar setup and I spend a lot of time video editing.
I use my "C" drive without partition and have split the second drive equally into "D" and"E".
"D" I use as a backup for MY Documents {using the Briefcase to automatically copy from "C"}.I also keep finished video files on this drive.
The "E" drive is used exclusively for working on vide capture and editing.
Hope this helps.

  woodchip 17:46 03 Apr 2005

And a 30Gb would not go amiss, if you are using NTFS

  Fatboy415 17:49 03 Apr 2005

To all three. You have answered my questions. I will take your advice and do exactly as you suggest.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.


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