best set up for hard disk partitioning

  m4819 10:30 18 Feb 2006

got a 300gb hd running on an AMD 4200 64x2. I use the pc for work and gaming whats the best partition set up for performance and are there any key programs or drivers that should sit on the windows XP partition (i.e. Nvidia)

  bremner 10:55 18 Feb 2006

You will get both sides of the debate here.

Some will say one partition with everything. Others will make a case for 2, 3 or even 4.

At the end of the day you will notice little if any difference in performance whatever you decide.

If the drive fails totally it does not matter how many partitions you have - its dead - so a backup regime to another medium is ALWAYS the best policy.

  Gongoozler 11:08 18 Feb 2006

In my experience ALL programs should be on one partition. If you have to reformat and reinstall Windows, you'll have to reinstall the programs as well because they will have to be registered in Windows anyway. After that, you only really need one partition for your saved data. You may also choose to have a third partition for a backup of your program partition. Backups to an independant drive, preferably an external drive, is the best policy, but I having the ability to reformat the program partition and reinstall in case of Windows being corrupted has helped me on a number of occasions. I would sugggest 20G for programs, 20G for backup and the rest for saved data.

  m4819 11:20 18 Feb 2006

I have USD Hard drive as well so the set ups proposed make sense. Thanks for the advice

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