Best security package?

  Ferrari-Fan 21:34 08 May 2009

I have just purchased a new laptop which has a 60 day trial of McAfee security package - which seems ok to me having activated it.
When it runs out I have to make a decision which way to go, whether to stick with McAfee, or go for one of the other ones ..... Norton or Kaspersky being the ones considered. When I purchased the laptop they suggested that F-Secure was the best and could sell me that, but gave me a trial copy.
Generally packages are available for £25 - £30.
Does anyone have any advice

  Strawballs 21:38 08 May 2009

I am currently using a free one on my acer aspire laptop Avast and it is very good I have also used AVG free which is also very good

  SB23 22:39 08 May 2009

Have a look at this. click here

As I was once told on this forum, many moons ago, why pay, when the free stuff is just as good.
I've used the freebies for years, and they have saved my bacon on many an occasion.

Try them out.

  Strawballs 00:09 09 May 2009

PS I'm a McLaren Fan

  AL47 01:46 09 May 2009

yeah choose free, you may have saved urself 100s of pounds over the yer doing it

mclaren and ferrari are rubbish
im a renault fan :P

  mooly 07:41 09 May 2009

I use FSecure on a laptop with Vista... used FS for a few years. I use that and NOTHING else, not even windows defender which I have turned off. Never had a problem with malware etc I find it trully excellent, updates automatically every couple of hours and works silently in the background. Has it's own firewall too, so again have windows one turned off.
I know a lot on here disagree with only running one package so only last week out of curiosity I installed "superantispyware" from one of these page's... I wanted to see what it found... which was ZERO, nothing. That's after 2 years use with Vista. I then uninstalled it completely by going back with Acronis to remove all trace of it.
FSecure IS2009 is (was) available from Amazon for £19.95 for the full boxed retail version which has a 3 pc licence.

  BT 08:01 09 May 2009

If you want to go for a 'paid for' option I can recommend McAfee over either of the other two you mention. I have used it for several years and find it far less intrusive and wasteful of resources than Norton.

  birdface 11:02 09 May 2009

If paying Nod 32 is supposed to be the best.But like everything else you will find things cheaper by searching on the Internet and not going to the providers page.I use the freebies. I think if you are with Lloyds or Barclays you get Kaspersky free.

  birdface 11:09 09 May 2009

It was Barclays that was giving the free Kaspersky.And HSBC is giving the free McAfee if you are with any of those two banks.

  Pine Man 11:51 09 May 2009

I don't know who provides your internet access but if your contract is at an end change to o2 and get cheap high speed, constant, access with FREE McAfee.

  birdface 11:52 09 May 2009

Anybody at home or a relation in full time education you would be able to get Kaspersky from here.This is for 2 years on one computer but you can change it if you need it for more computers or for a longer or shorter time.

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