Best resolution for a web site

  Timeout 22:39 26 Nov 2003

My friend is having a web site professionaly built.

The company who are doing the job are building to fit it into a screen size of 1024 x 768. My friends computer is set to 800 x 600. Therefore she is having to scroll sideways to be able to see it all on her screen.

The company are trying to tell her that it's time she increased the resolution she uses because everyone uses 1024 x 768 nowadays.

What do you all use, please?

Should she insist on what she wants or are they right, do most people use the higher resolution?

Thanks for any help.

  Forum Editor 23:03 26 Nov 2003

It's rare to find anyone with a 15" monitor these days, and anyone with a 17" monitor or bigger will be using a 1024x768 resolution. All my sites are designed for that resolution, and I know of no professional designer working at 800x600

  Timeout 23:14 26 Nov 2003

I'll let her know what you say, thanks.

Although I have a 17" monitor but use 800 x 600 as I have rather bad eye sight.

  Forum Editor 23:31 26 Nov 2003

is certainly a good reason for reducing the pixel count. Good designers will test sites in different resolutions anyway.

  Forum Editor 18:23 27 Nov 2003

for their laziness and incompetence." is a tad over the top don't you think? Coincidentally I've been talking to a seminar today, and there were eight professional web designers in the audience. This subject cropped up, so I did a straw poll - not one of them designs in 800x600 any more, and several of them quoted statistics that were very similar to Taran's.

I've just looked at my own server logs, and in the past two weeks I haven't had a single visitor using 800x600. The point that I was making in my reply to the original question seems to be amply borne out by the figures.

If that makes me lazy and incompetent, so be it, but I have a business to run, and my clients aren't paying me to provide something that hardly any of their target audience will need. That, I suspect, was the thinking behind the design company's response to your friend.

I agree with those who say that people with older computers shouldn't be disadvantaged, but I work to strict client briefings and budgets that are often very tight - the majority (and it's a big one) must carry the day I'm afraid. In an ideal world things might be different, but since when did we have an ideal world?

  Forum Editor 23:03 27 Nov 2003

Yes we could. Although from my screens (which are remote from the PCA server) I can see lots of information about registered users, IP addresses and logins etc., I don't get screen resolution data. To be honest I imagine we would get much the same result as that obtained by Taran and me - our server logs are probably fairly typical, and I imagine that between us we have a reasonably large sample of visitors.

This evening I've contacted a couple of web server administrators for clients of mine, one of whom (UK based) has unique visitor traffic in excess of 15000 per day - the other site (in America) sees around 6000 unique visitors a day. The biggest server shows that 74% have screen resolutions of 1024x768 or above, the smaller server returns a figure of just under 72%.

  Forum Editor 00:12 30 Nov 2003

to that, so I won't try - I agree with every word.

On the subject of images and saris however, my wife took a trip to India earlier this year and left me home alone. She came back with half an aircraft full of swag, amongst which was.......a sarong/dhoti (male version of a sari). I'm publishing no photos, but I'm told I look very fetching in it. I love India - I once lived there for a short while - and I wouldn't be at all unhappy about working there again. I don't necessarily see that as a natural consequence of failing to design for a certain screen resolution though.

  PurplePenny 13:12 30 Nov 2003


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