Best replacement or alternative for HP p6046sc

  eclipse84 19:35 12 Nov 2014


I'm not really a very techie person, and my boss asked me to find a replacement for his computer, i'm hoping i can find some help here..

Anyone can recommend best replacement for HP p6046sc:

  • easy to travel with being light and small stationary kind, with docking station, 2 screens (27 plus x 2), std keyboard
  • high secure performance
  • portable

Thank you.


  lotvic 20:58 12 Nov 2014

Hope you have a big suitcase, 2 screens (27 plus x 2) are not really light and portable.

joking aside, you will have to give more detail. Is a laptop notebook wanted or a desktop with separate monitors?

  Woolwell 21:33 12 Nov 2014

What is the budget?

  eclipse84 21:37 12 Nov 2014


Thank you all for replying to my query right away, i really appreciate it.

OK, first i believe this is the desktop:

click here to answer your questions:

  • he wants a desktop computer, small/potable computer that can handle two (or even 4) 27" screens
  • as for the budget, right now, we don't have a set budget, so if we have 2-3 options then we'll just weigh things

Thanks again. :)


  Woolwell 21:43 12 Nov 2014

Your link doesn't work.

A desktop computer isn't portable nor normally small. I guess that you may want a laptop that can sit on a desk and then power 2 screens and then can be taken on the road. However getting it to drive 4 screens is unlikely. If it is going to stay in one place then you want a desktop. I'm confused about your requirements and have to say that I'm surprised that your boss has asked a non-techie person for a recommendation.

  Woolwell 21:46 12 Nov 2014

Ah your link has now worked. It's a desktop. Guess you want another like it. Almost impossible to make a recommendation without knowing what sort of tasks it will be used for and some idea about budget.

  lotvic 21:57 12 Nov 2014

I think your boss would (or should) appreciate you being honest and telling him/her that you do not have the expertise to choose a replacement.

Is this ClickHere the desktop pc that your boss has at present?

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