Best Quiet PC for £500 or less

  The_Aardvark 20:30 17 Jan 2007

My 3 year old Evesham is falling apart, so I think it is time to invest in a new PC - with the huge range on offer I'm a bit daunted about where to start.

My budget would be around £500, it needs to be VERY quiet, and will be used for general family use, a little gaming and some home video editing- nothing too flash or fancy, but reliability and lack of noise are top requirements.

Any advice on where I could start to look would be much appreciated.


  SANTOS7 20:37 17 Jan 2007

click here
Mate of mine has a dell, quietest PC i have never heard (if you know what i mean)

  woodchip 20:46 17 Jan 2007

Best bet would be, Build your own with Quiet Components

  The_Aardvark 20:51 17 Jan 2007

Would love to build my own Woodchip, but nowhere near techy enough ! Best if I buy one ready made.

  woodchip 21:10 17 Jan 2007

You can get all the help you need hear, Just ask the Questions and make notes. Or print of Advice, this always comes in handy as you will no more about what goes on inside. Plus most stuff is just plug and go. Plus there are Web sites the give advice.

Just have a peek at some of these click here=

  Rigga 21:40 17 Jan 2007

Would agree with SANTOS7 all the Dell computers i've dealt with have been very quiet. Make my PC sound like it has a jet engine. :)


  Rigga 21:46 17 Jan 2007

Forgot to say, Keep an eye out here Hot Deals UK > click here < for some good Dell deals.

There are usually 1 or 2 posted every few days or so.


  wee eddie 22:29 17 Jan 2007

You will be able to save yourself a small fortune if you use as much of your old one as possible.

You don't need a screen, keyboard, speakers, or mouse. There may be other bits you don't need, so look for "Base Units", almost all manufacturers will sell that on it's own

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